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A Level: Creative Pathway

(Media Studies A Level & English A Level)


If you’re looking to acquire a versatile set of skills that can be applied to a wide range of roles, the creative industry is the perfect pathway for you. Our Creative Pathway will give you the skills to masterfully use the English language and a range of media to communicate ideas and opinions both creatively and persuasively.

The creative industry contributes billions of pounds to the UK economy each year. With the emergence of new forms of media and content, the need for human creativity and originality is increasingly important.

Whether you aspire to become a designer, copywriter, director, or producer, a creative qualification opens the door to many exciting opportunities.

What will I do?

On this Pathway you will study three A Level subjects for two years. The Creative Pathway includes Media A Level and English Literature & Language A Level. The third choice is yours from the additional subjects list.

The Media course will teach you the principles of a range of online and offline media. You will closely analyse and compare media outputs in relation to relevant key social, cultural, economic, political and historical contexts, allowing you to show off your creative side in a project of your own.

On the English course you will explore literary texts, from prose, poetry and drama and non-literary works, from non-fictions to speech and letters. You will develop analytical and creative skills by looking into how language choices create worlds, recount stories and build representations of people, places and points of view.

What’s next?

After completing your A Level studies, there are loads of exciting paths you can take. Many students decide to continue their education by pursuing a degree, Foundation Degree, or HND/HNC at university. Alternatively, you could consider applying for an Advanced, Higher, or Degree Apprenticeship, where you have the fantastic opportunity to earn while you learn. Another option is to dive right into the working world, gaining valuable training in a field that interests you.

Media and English A Levels are valuable for individuals planning to pursue creative careers. These subjects are often prerequisites or preferred in undergraduate programs such as media studies, journalism, literature, linguistics, communication studies, and creative writing.

You may be passionate about a career in the media industry or have a genuine interest in understanding and critiquing media and literary works. Ultimately, studying these subjects provides a platform for personal growth, critical thinking, and enhancing communication skills that can be applied in various aspects of life.

With your new qualifications you can work towards a career with a greater level of freedom and independence, with many creative professionals enjoying the flexibility of freelance work.

Is it for me?

Get ready to sharpen your critical thinking skills, enhance your written and verbal communication abilities, and master the art of analyzing complex texts. Whether your dreams lie in professional writing, publishing, journalism, law, advertising, marketing, or beyond, a set of Creative A Levels will give you the all-round toolkit you need to succeed.

Entry Requirements

5 x 5s including minimum 5 English Language, minimum 5 English Literature and a minimum 4 in maths.


In this course you will dive into the world of media! From print journalism to radio, television, and online digital media technologies, we’ll explore it all. Through the lens of industry and audience response, you’ll analyse and compare various media products, taking into account important social, cultural, economic, political, and historical contexts.

Get ready to unleash your creativity as this course encourages you to tap into your artistic side, offering you the chance to appreciate the media even more through your own production work. Plus, you’ll develop some awesome production skills along the way.

You’ll explore the following media:

  • Television
  • Film
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Online, social and participatory media
  • Video games
  • Music video

Topics Include

  • Media Language
  • Media Representation
  • Media Industries
  • Media Audiences

How it’s assessed

This is a two-year qualification assessed by written exams and a non-exam assessment. As part of this qualification, you’ll get to showcase your talents by producing your very own single-media production, based on a brief set by the exam board. It’s all about demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of the media theoretical framework and communicating meaning to an intended audience.


On this course you’ll explore how words can create worlds and language choices can express diverse perspectives. Get ready to show-off your creativity as you become both a writer and reader of literature and language.

You’ll discover how different places are portrayed in literature, how point of view can shape a story, and the various genres found in prose. You’ll also delve into the power of poetic voice, the role of individuals in society, and the conflicts that arise in dramatic works. Plus, you’ll learn about the fascinating process of transforming texts and the art of researching and writing.

This comprehensive approach aims to help you develop the key critical, creative and analytical skills required both for progression to higher education and for enhanced employability.

You will cover 3 core themes:

  • Telling Stories – delve into the why and how behind storytelling, highlighting how language choices can shape different worlds and perspectives.
    • Remembered places
    • Imagined worlds
    • Poetic voices
  • Exploring Conflict – examine how the words we choose can influence ideas of conflict between individuals and societies.
    • Writing about society
    • Critical commentary
    • Dramatic encounters
  • Making Connections – actively connect literary and non-literary material, showcasing the diverse ways language can be used.

How it’s assessed

This is a two-year qualification assessed by written exams and a non-exam assessment, in the form of a 2,500-3,000 word investigation.


In addition to the two A Levels outlined; you will choose one additional subject from the following A Level subjects.

Please note you will apply for the A Level Pathway now, selecting your first two subjects and choose your third subject at a later date.

math a level

Gain a solid foundation in mathematical principles and concepts that are not only relevant to further studies in the field of mathematics but also applicable to various scientific and technical disciplines.

Entry Requirement: Minimum 7 in Maths and Minimum 5 in English Language.

Business A Level

Discover the fundamentals of business. From strategic success, leadership, operational, human resources, marketing and financial performance. Learning about business in a variety of contexts, from SMEs to transnational organisations.

Psychology A Level

Delve into the complexities of the human mind, helping us recognise patterns of behaviour and emotions in ourselves and others. Discover the interaction between cognition (thoughts), social contexts and how humans behave.

Law A Level

Explore all things law, legal issues, the English legal system, and both private and public areas of substantive law. Learn critical thinking and craft reasoned arguments using legal rules in hypothetical situations.

Course Information

  1. Creative Pathway



    16 Sep 2024


    Bletchley Campus

    • FEES

    • 16 – 18

      Fully Funded

    • 19 – 23

      Fully Funded

    • 24+

      Fully Funded

    • Overseas

      Fully Funded

For more information on Fees & Funding for students 19+ please contact our admissions team.

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