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As an Undergraduate student, the main expenses you need to think about are tuition fees and living costs. Tuition fees refer to the fee charged by the college or university for your course and are dependent on the qualification you study.

These can be found on the individual course page. Living costs are the associated costs of studying and include expenses such as books, rent and travel. Although higher education may seem expensive, there are lots of funding options available to help you while you are studying.

Tuition Fee Loan

Tuition Fee Loans are available to UK and EU full-time and part-time students from Student Finance England and are only repayable after you graduate and earn over £27,295 a year. This loan is paid directly to the college or university in instalments throughout the year to cover your course fees. Outstanding loans not repaid will be written off after 30 years from when you’re due to start making repayments. Find out more and apply here.

Maintenance Loan

A Maintenance Loan is available from Student Finance England to help with living costs such as rent, food, books, travel, and other expenses while you’re studying. The amount available depends on where you live, where you study, and your annual household income. This money will have to be paid back but only after you start earning above the repayment threshold.  An extra Maintenance Loan may also be available to individuals that meet certain criteria. Find out more and apply here.

Higher Education Student Bursaries, Scholarship and Awards

Please note that the forms below are for current students only. The application forms for students joining us in September 2022 will be available on the College website by mid-August 2022.

These bursaries and awards are colleges Internal and each university or college has its own rules about bursaries. Please read the guidance information before applying.

Students in higher education can apply for the following bursaries offered by college on top of any other student finance – you don’t have to pay this money back.

HE Bursary 1 – Continuing Student Scholarship

Find out more

HE Bursary 2 – Discretionary Crisis Payment

Find out more

HE Bursary 3 – Household Income Bursary

Find out more

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