Accessibility | MK College

Accessibility Statement

Providing an inclusive environment for everyone is of the utmost importance to Milton Keynes College, both in our physical environments and learning spaces, as well as on our digital platforms.

This accessibility statement outlines the work we have undertaken to make our website as usable and accessible to as many people as possible.

Naturally we want to provide the best possible browsing experience for everyone, across all types of devices and assistive technologies. There is some useful information from the organisation AbilityNet on making your devices easier to use which may also be of interest.

On our website you can:

  • Increase font sizes and zoom in up to 300% without text overlapping
  • Navigate pages using just a keyboard
  • Navigate pages using speech recognition software
  • Listen to most pages using a screen reader
  • Change colours and contrast levels (with browser plugin/extensions)
  • Read and comprehend textual content (unless of a specific technical nature) including captions on our YouTube videos

Where we’ve made improvements

We know parts of our previous website were not accessible, which is why we have built our new website with accessibility, usability and inclusive design at the forefront, to make sure it adheres to the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA underpins these regulations, and compliance ensures websites are Perceivable, Operable, Understandable and Robust (POUR).

  • Images now have a text alternative, so people using a screen reader can access these descriptions.
  • You can now bypass the navigation and skip to the main content when using a screen reader. ‘Skip to content’ links have been introduced to improve the navigation experience for all.
  • There are now distinguishable navigation landmarks (sections) that benefit those using assistive devices.
  • Breadcrumbs (which help signpost where users are on the website) are now present on all second-level and below pages.
  • The text and background colours are now in sufficient contrast to each other.
  • Our forms are now much easier to navigate using just a keyboard and the descriptions/labeling for some input fields has been improved.
What to do if you cannot access parts of our website

If you need information from our website in a different format like accessible PDF, large print, easy read, audio recording or braille:

We’ll consider your request and get back to you in four working days. Please note that arranging for alternative formats may take longer however we will respond to you within the above time frame to discuss your requirements.