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Welcome to Milton Keynes College

We are proud to offer an open and inclusive education experience to learners of all levels and backgrounds, with over 3,000 16-18 year olds currently studying with us and a total student population of over 8,000.

We offer a broad variety of qualifications, including vocational courses, apprenticeships, higher education, professional certificates as well as employability skills and community training. The College is also a national provider of education services in prisons across the country.

About Milton Keynes College

We operate from two main campuses across Milton Keynes and Bletchley, the details of which can be found here. Welcoming those who want to learn and improve, we focus on meeting individual needs. The College is at the heart of the city’s economic vision and community strategy, in addition to being a major employer with over 1,000 members of staff.

Our sole aim is to be the best general Further Education College in the country and deliver the highest quality education to all learners. Our vision of success is at the heart of all we do. At Milton Keynes College we strive to engrain this in all who walk through our doors.

We build and nurture strong partnerships with the wider community and local businesses with an interest in making Milton Keynes College a safe, innovative and inspiring place to learn in and work with.

Our values

We believe these things individually and as a group. They guide our day-to-day decision making. This is how we set out to achieve them:

To inspire – where everyone motivates, engages, challenges, and stretches each other
To strive for excellence – where everyone recognises their own potential and becomes the best they can be
To demonstrate integrity – where everyone is committed to being open in all we do, to be honest and do the right thing
To show respect – where we listen, consider the views of others and value everyone
To innovate – where new ideas and thinking are generated around people, products and processes.

When colleagues and learners feel that they truly belong at work, they feel more connected, committed, included, and engaged. 

College performance

The only way is up for the College since achieving a Grade 2 (Good) in our 2017 Ofsted inspection. We’re incredibly proud of this result and the staff that made it possible. With a lot of exciting upcoming projects, such as the bid to co-create an Institute of Technology at Bletchley Park, and working in partnership with a whole host of prestigious employers and businesses, we are looking forward to the future with our heads held high.

All education institutions have to be inspected by Ofsted. This is to make sure that we are doing our job and that students are provided for, receive top rate education and feel safe in our environment. The report from Ofsted gave particular praise to the fast and continuous progress achieved since the previous report.

“Leaders, managers and governors have made rapid progress in building a culture of continuous improvement with determination. They have communicated this very successfully to staff and as a result, staff across the college, are enthusiastic and apply the improvement strategies effectively to their work.” – Ofsted.

A team of ten inspectors observed the way we work as a College, including sitting in on a range of classes and college activities. They met with students, employers and stakeholders and were impressed with what they found. They valued the high-quality and meaningful external work experience and enrichment activities. They noted that “students’ progression is a particular strength” with additional qualifications available to improve skills for work.

The apprenticeship provision was particularly recognised for its work with adults. The report read: “Apprentices take pride in their work and can talk positively about the skills that they are developing, and noting that achievements for adults is higher than that of similar providers nationally”.

Dr Julie Mills, Principal and Chief Executive of Milton Keynes College, said: “I am proud of each and every person at the College who has contributed to this huge achievement and in our continued ambition to become the best general Further Education College in the country.

“There are over 8,000 students and apprentices enrolled at Milton Keynes College, in a wide range of post-16 education and training, including 16 to 19 years study programmes in a variety of vocational areas, adult learning programmes and apprenticeships. Our core mission is to ‘transform lives through learning’ and it is clear from the feedback in this report that we are successfully achieving this.”

See here for a further in-depth review and report of how we perform as a College.