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Board of Governors

Everyone at Milton Keynes College is passionate about the success of our students and ensuring that they have the skills they need to succeed.

As governors, we share this ambition and the role of the Board is to agree the educational character and mission of the College and to steer and monitor its overall strategic direction. Our primary focus is the learning experience of students whilst ensuring that the College has adequate resources – staff, facilities and finances. Understanding the needs of employers and our community is extremely important to us.  The role is worthwhile, enjoyable and, at times, challenging.

Governors are volunteers who bring a diverse range of skills and experience. We came from various backgrounds including: employers, community groups, not for profit sector, education, finance and law. We are appointed directly by the Board or elected by College staff and students.

The College’s Board of Governors, also known as the Milton Keynes College Corporation, publishes its meeting minutes on this website.

If you are interested making difference to the lives of students at Milton Keynes College, we want to hear from you. Please contact Karen Brown, Head of Governance or ring 01908 637006.

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Corporation Documents

The Corporation may, on occasions, exclude some or all of the minutes of a meeting – this may include minutes relating to a named person employed or proposed to be employed at the institution; a named student at, or candidate for admission to the institution; the Clerk; or any matter which by reason of its nature the Corporation is satisfied should be dealt with on a confidential basis. This is to ensure compliance with legislation such as the Data Protection Act 2018 and with due regard for the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The advice to the Corporation from its Search & Governance Committee can be found in both the Board and Committee minutes.

Access to College and Corporation Information
Access and Participation Plan
Board of Governors Meetings 2021/2022
Board of Governors Membership 2021/2022
Board of Governors Standing Orders
Board Members and ELT Expenses Gifts and Hospitality
Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech and Expression
Committee Membership 2021/2022
Data Protection Policy

Financial Regulations August 2022
Financial Statements Year Ending 31st July 2020
Financial Statements Year Ending 31st July 2021
Freedom of Information Policy
Gender & Ethnicity Pay Gap Report 20/21
Instrument & Articles of Government
Modern Slavery Statement
Public Interest Disclosure (whistleblowing)
Public Value Statement
Senior Post Holder Annual Remuneration Statement 2021/22

Board Minutes
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Audit & Risk Committee
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Search and Governance Committee
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Minutes 15/02/2021
Archived Minutes

To request to see a copy of any of the archived minutes, please get in touch.