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Building Fairer Futures

Community Impact Report

In the last academic year, we influenced 18,206 Fairer Futures across the Group through driving innovative and aspirational student-focused learning and educational experiences; strengthening our partnership with industry through addressing the skills gap and talent shortage; promoting equality, fairness, diversity, and inclusion across our communities; and driving social value through our community work.

We are excited to share our first Impact Report which showcases some of the fantastic work that our learners, colleagues, employers, and wider communities have delivered. Thank for your contribution in ‘Building Fairer Futures’ and your influence in creating more opportunities for all to succeed and transform their lives.


The Community Impact Scorecard

The MK College Group Impact Scorecard has been self-rated based on key performance measures and internal data, to view the individual measures expand the sections by clicking the plus sign.

We continue to look for ways to improve how we track and report our impact. Moving forward, will set targets to achieve and launch external surveys for our communities to rate our performance—enhancing the robustness of our scorecard and its outcomes.


Statement For Measure – “We are a fair and inclusive organisation”

Measures (1-2 – Red, 3,4 – Amber, 5,6 – Green)AnswerScore
We have recruitment and hiring processes where applicants personal details remain anonymous to hiring managersYes1
We have mix of employees (gender, race, age) represented at all levels in the organisationNo0
We have policies and training in place to make sure people are treated fairlyYes1
Our workforce is reflective of the local BAME populationNo0
Our learners are reflective of the local BAME populationYes1
We create inclusive environments for people with a learning difficulty or disability Yes1

Learning & Education

Statement for Measuring – “We use the power of education to build Fairer Futures”

Measures (1-2 – Red, 3,4 – Amber, 5,6 – Green)AnswerScore
We offer a broad range of high-quality educational products to build the skills, knowledge and experience to progress onto further education, an apprenticeship or employmentYes1
Our learners achievement rates across all subject areas exceed national averagesNo0
We offer specialist learning provisions and support for people with a learning difficulty or disabilityYes1
Our outreach activities engage with schools, our wider community groups and industry to attract learners from underrepresented groupsYes1
We track and document the destinations and progression of all our learners across the GroupNo 0
We connect with industry to deliver the education and training needed for our learners access opportunitiesYes1

Work & Economy

Statement For Measurement – “We create opportunities for learners and employers to succeed

Measures (1-2 – Red, 3,4 – Amber, 5,6 – Green)AnswerScore
We address the local skills shortage through our educational and training products Yes1
We create opportunities for our learners to connect with employers and employment Yes1
We contribute to the growth of the local economyYes1
Over 90% of employers we work with rated us good or excellent in delivering relevant skillsYes1
We work with local businesses owned by people from underrepresented groupsYes1
Our learners access work experience and industry placements that build relevant experience for employmentYes1

Community & Social Value

Statement For Measurement – “We engage and support community groups tackling social injustices and inequalities

Measures (1-2 – Red, 3,4 – Amber, 5,6 – Green)AnswerScore
Our employees volunteer in the communityYes1
Our learners volunteer in the communityYes1
We host and engage in community events and awareness campaignsYes1
We raise funds for charities, community groups and social enterprisesYes1
We speak out on issues affecting our local communitiesYes1
We work with diverse groups and collaborate with people in the community from underrepresented groupsYes1


Statement For Measurement – “We are actively taking steps to reduce our impact on the planet

Measures (1-2 – Red, 3,4 – Amber, 5,6 – Green)AnswerScore
We provide qualifications and courses with an environmental / climate focusNo0
We have an action plan and targets in place to become carbon neutral by 2030Yes1
We create a physical environment which encourages recycling and reuseYes1
We choose suppliers who have a carbon neutral strategy in placeNo0
Our workforce receives green education trainingNo0
We have Green policies and initiatives in placeNo0
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