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If you’re looking to future-proof your workforce, apprentices can be a great way to help your business grow.  

What do we do?

We’ve been delivering high quality apprenticeship training for more than 30 years and each year we support around 650 apprentices with expert tutoring in a wide variety of different occupations, from Business, Accounting and Customer Service, to Engineering, Construction, Digital Marketing and IT – the opportunities are endless!  

What’s more, by partnering with MK College you’ll have access to work-ready, talented students as they complete their studies with us, ready to bring new ideas and industry-leading knowledge to your organisation.  

Read on to find out more about what’s involved in hiring an apprentice.  

School Leaver Apprenticeship
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Apprenticeship Bonus Scheme

What exactly are apprenticeships?

An apprenticeship is a genuine job that provides a way for individuals to earn while they learn, gaining valuable skills and knowledge in a specific job role. The apprentice gains this through a wide mix of learning in the workplace, formal off-the-job training and the opportunity to practice new skills in a real work environment. 

You can find out more about the apprenticeship areas we offer here

What are the benefits of apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships benefit both employers and individuals, and by boosting the skills of the workforce they help to improve economic prosperity. They will enable your business to support the development of a person entering employment for the first time, or for upskilling existing staff already employed within the company. 

Apprenticeships also contribute towards:  

  • Improved productivity 
  • Filling skills gaps – including specialist skills, specific to your industry 
  • Improved competitiveness 
  • Increased employee satisfaction  
  • Reduced staff turnover  
  • Reduced recruitment costs 
  • Reduced training costs 

Why work with MK College?

As Milton Keynes’ largest further education and training provider, MK College is well placed to meet the needs of your business. We have over 30 years of experience in delivering high-quality apprenticeship programmes and offer a wide range of apprenticeships at all levels and in many different job roles and sectors.  

We know that you’re busy, so we aim to make things simple by offering your business: 

  • A dedicated Employer Engagement Manager  
  • An end-to-end recruitment service which includes advertising the vacancy on our website and shortlisting applicants for you to interview 
  • Advice on the government incentive payments and funding that may be available to you as an employer 
  • Guidance on everything you need to know about hiring an apprentice 

Further Support with additional qualifications

At MK College, we offer additional courses to complement your apprentices’ existing training, covering topics such as marketing, health and safety, communication, and digital skills. These courses provide valuable new skills and knowledge to support your apprentices’ personal and professional growth. Contact us at apprenticeshiptrainers@mkcollege.ac.uk to discuss how we can create a bespoke training plan to meet your needs.

What financial support is available?

You can get help from the government to pay for apprenticeship training. The amount you get depends on whether you pay the apprenticeship levy or not.  

Apprenticeship Levy

If your company’s wage bill is £3million or more, you will already be paying an Apprenticeship Levy of 0.5%.  

The levy is paid into a digital account held by government to help fund the training of apprentices in your business. You can draw down this levy over time to pay for the training of apprentices that you take on.  

Levy contributions are made monthly, and the government also apply a 10% top up to employer’s accounts, ensuring you can take out more than you put in. 

If you are a business paying the Apprenticeship Levy, contact our team of apprenticeship experts to find out what it means for your business and how we can help you take advantage of the benefits this brings.   

Non-Levy Employers

For those companies who don’t pay the Apprenticeship Levy, funding for apprentice training is available via MK College with up to 100% of training costs covered for small businesses with less than 50 employees. 

You can also claim up to £3,000 as an incentive payment if you hire an apprentice that starts with you before 30 September 2021 

Contact us to discuss your options and find out more about what help is available. 

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