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Sports at MK College

Milton Keynes College is committed to keeping its students fit and motivated, during your time here, there are opportunities to represent the College in a number of sports or get involved in non-competitive activities through MKC Active.

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Our Extra Curricular Timetable

How to apply for a Sport course at MK College

February – July: Get your research on

This time is crucial to get your research done and weigh up your options. Think about what you want to study, and where you might want to study it. College open days are a great way to get an insight into the course and the area and make sure you get an idea of what the entry requirements are before you apply. Take a look at our Events Page and sign up for our next Open Event, then check out our blog on How To Make The Most Of An Open Event.

September – July: Nail Your Application

This period of time is a great opportunity to spend time on your application to really get your passion across, and secure your first choice. As well as talking about academic achievements during your time at school, you can include details on extracurricular activities that tie in with your area of interest – all of which will really demonstrate how much you want to study the course you’re applying for.

January – Mid May: Secure Your Offers

During this time, colleges will make decisions and offers to applicants. It’s time to get your head down and study hard for your upcoming exams to make sure you get the grades required for your first choice. Take a look at our Top Tips On Revising For Exam Success.

July – August: The Results are in

If you studied a BTEC qualification, results will start to be sent out from mid-July and A Level results will be released during August. If you get the grades you required for your firm offer then there is nothing you need to do as your place is all set. If you don’t get the grades you required, get in touch with us to see what we can do to help.

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