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Why Work Experience is an Essential Part of College Life

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One of the main components that makes college different is that work experience is a vital part of your course. In fact, in the future, it will be required to pass! Whether you’re studying Business, Engineering or Childcare, you will be spending a big chunk of your time on various Industry Placements. You will experience what it’s like to work in your desired field first hand, learning and working alongside real business owners and people in industry.

Hear from a student

We caught up with Harry McCauley, a Personal Training student at MK College, during a session with his mentor, Kelvin Dwumfuo at KDPT. Harry has been learning from Kelvin, taking part and giving advice to clients during Personal Training sessions at a variety of gyms and fitness centres, including Snap Fitness.

Harry knew he always wanted to be self-employed as a personal trainer. He said: “I never liked the idea of having a 9 to 5 office job, but the idea of helping, educating and giving people the confidence they need to change their lives through health and fitness has always been important to me”.

“Harry has grown not only in confidence but his in his understanding of the role of a trainer. He has gone from shadowing classes to running his own over his time with me”, commented Kelvin. “I decided to take students on at my business because I know first-hand the benefits of learning outside of the classroom”.

How is it organised?

Work experience placements are often organised by tutors and dedicated staff at MK College. Employers are looking for applicants with real experience in industry, which is something work experience opportunities guarantee. Students have reviews and are assessed by their workplace trainers, making sure they are on track and meeting targets. Although the thought of working alongside professionals in a new environment can be a bit intimidating, the benefits of doing just that are worth the nerves.

“This experience has opened up so many opportunities for me, not just to learn more but also in my career. I’ve learnt that it’s important to stay up to date with new trends in the industry, and to keep learning as a PT. My advice to other students taking on work experience would be to take as many opportunities as possible within your industry, as it opens up so many opportunities and really improves your future”, commented Harry.

“Don’t be afraid of failure or making mistakes”, advises Kelvin. “There will be a few along the way, learn from them and put things in place to make sure they are not repeated. Secondly, enjoy what you do and do it wholeheartedly”.