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Sport is arguably the most dominant industry in the world today. The Olympics, The FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon and The Masters Tournament are just a handful of examples of sporting events that grip the attention of the globe, boosting the economy through tourism, merchandise, advertising and TV rights. Studying sport will give you the skills you need to flourish in this exciting industry.

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Intermediate or Advanced?

You may have seen our courses split up into Intermediate and Advanced. Here’s the lowdown on what they mean…


This level of study is equivalent to Level 1 & 2.

This will offer you a dedicated support system to prepare you for progression. You will develop your knowledge, skills and confidence in your chosen specialism, encouraged by your tutors and peers. Your experiences will enable you to decide what you want to do next, whether it’s an apprenticeship or an Advanced (Level 3) study programme at College, you will discover the wide range of options open to you.


This level of study is equivalent to Level 3.

Put your passion for your chosen subject into action with a variety of work experience opportunities. You’ll put your skills and knowledge to the test by taking on work experience in your chosen industry, getting an insight into what life in that career will be like. You’ll develop your learning at College, taking full advantage of our industry-standard facilities. Professionalism is a must for advanced programmes, as you will be making contacts and opening doors for yourself which could lead to something extraordinary.


This level of study is equivalent to Level 4, 5 & 6, and is only for people who have already completed an Advanced (Level 3) qualification (BTEC or A Level or equivalent).

Take your career to the next step with undergraduate qualifications, from HNCs to BA Degrees. Focus on your specialism, developing advanced technical, practical and research skills to prepare you for a fulfilling and successful career. With expert lecturers, small class sizes and access to facilities mirroring industry, get ready to become an expert in your chosen field.

Who do we work with?

We make sure you’re ready to kick off your career as soon as you’ve completed your studies with us, through providing great work experience opportunities and a chance to work on commissioned briefs. Our employer partners work with us to help to shape our curriculum, meaning you’re learning the skills that are in demand in your industry. We work with:

  • MK Dons
  • The PT Centre
  • Grid City Fitness
  • F45 Training
  • Caveman Conditioning
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