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A Levels

Taking you beyond the classroom with our new A Level Pathways

A Level Career Pathways 

A Levels at MK College give you the best of both worlds. You’ll combine academic study with the college experience.   

Our A Level pathways are designed with your future in mind. You’ll learn the skills and knowledge you need for university or your chosen career. You’ll also get the added benefits which coming to college bring.  

You can choose from our three pathways, made up of two A Level subjects. The third choice is yours from the additional subjects list. 

Light up A outside MK College, showcasing the launch of our A Levels

Be in-demand with in-demand skills

Our A Levels subject combinations offer valuable knowledge and skills highly sought-after by many industries. Providing a great foundation for your career or further study.   

Through our Creative Pathway, you will explore various media and texts to effectively communicate opinions and ideas. 

The Digital Pathway will equip you with extensive computing knowledge and technical and problem-solving skills. 

In the Social Sciences Pathway, you will delve into the mysteries of the human mind and the complexities of the world we live in. 

Third A Level Selection

In addition to the two A Levels outlined; you will choose one additional subject from the following A Level subjects.

Please note you will apply for the A Level Pathway now, selecting your first two subjects and choose your third subject at a later date.

English A Level
Study a combination of literature and language to analyse how language is used in both literary and non-literary works. You’ll engage creatively, critically, analytically and independently with a wide range of texts. Click here to learn more about A Level English.

Math A Level
Gain a solid foundation in mathematical principles and concepts that are not only relevant to further studies in the field of mathematics but also applicable to various scientific and technical disciplines. Click here to learn more about A Level Maths.

Business A Level
Discover the fundamentals of business. From strategic success, leadership, operational, human resources, marketing and financial performance. Learning about business in a variety of contexts, from SMEs to transnational organisations. Click here to learn more about A Level Business.

Psychology A Level
Delve into the complexities of the human mind, helping us recognise patterns of behaviour and emotions in ourselves and others. Discover the interaction between cognition (thoughts), social contexts and how humans behave. Click here to learn more about A Level Psychology.

Law A Level
Explore all things law, legal issues, the English legal system, and both private and public areas of substantive law. Learn critical thinking and craft reasoned arguments using legal rules in hypothetical situations. Click here to learn more about A Level Law.

Why do A Levels at MK College? 

Career Pathwaysour pathways are designed to lead you onto a specific career   

Independence – your study time is your responsibility; at college you are treated as an adult  

Meet like-minded people – work with people with similar interests and aspirations  

Student support – get help with your UCAS application and CV, plus personalised mentoring  

Great employer links – get work experience with local businesses to boost your personal statement   

Beyond the classroom – go further with a Duke of Edinburgh Award and student societies