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Friends & Allies’ Network 

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Friends & Allies’ Network 

Milton Keynes College has established a Friends and Allies Network (FAN) that had its first meeting in March 2020. 

The FAN discusses different topics that are affecting MK and surrounding areas, gives voice to a variety of perspectives on the College’s equality, diversity and inclusion activities and provides development opportunities for staff and students. It is made up of college staff, students and external stakeholders – sharing knowledge and resources that are mutually beneficial to the College and wider community.

The network isn’t a board with fixed membership – we purposely want it to be as broad as possible so that anyone with an interest, specialism or both can input into the discussion. 

Some of the topics and issues the FAN has explored include: 

  • How the College can use our facilities and staff expertise to support the community 
  • How to support the safe return to College for vulnerable staff and students after the Covid-19 lockdown  
  • Encouraging people from a range of backgrounds to consider teaching at college level 
  • Improving access to education, training and employment opportunities for young people 

If you would like to find out more about the FAN or would like to join us, please get in touch with

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