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Level 3 is aimed at learners who have completed a level 2 qualification in patisserie or professional cookery and wish to pursue a career in patisserie and confectionery as a pastry chef.  Learners will attend college approx. 3 days per week for 34 weeks.

This is a unique course endorsed by Claire Clark MBE the UK’s most respected pastry chef.  Learners will benefit from studying in a state-of-the-art Centre of Patisserie excellence pastry kitchen and receiving expert tuition from industry pastry chefs’ experienced lecturers.

What will I do

Throughout this qualification, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of relevant health and safety and how to plan for the preparation, cooking, and finishing of a variety of dishes.

Students will develop the knowledge, understanding, and advanced skills and techniques to produce petits fours, hot, cold, and frozen desserts, paste products, fermented dough, and batter products and biscuits, cakes, and sponges.

Students will also learn how to develop working relationships in hospitality, how to produce display pieces and decorative items, and the art of practical gastronomy. In parallel, students will develop their communication and customer service skills, their awareness of environmental sustainability, and their commercial skills, all of which are valued highly by employers. Problem-solving and research skills will also be developed.

What’s next?

Learners who successfully pass Level 3 will also achieve the Claire Clark Academy LV3 Diploma in Patisserie.

The great thing about studying this course is that it will offer you a range of transferable skills. You will be perfectly positioned to study culinary arts at university level, either through an HNC/HND pathway or through a specific art school. You can also move straight into the industry, using the connections and contacts you’ve made throughout your course to help you secure employment.  

Is it for me?

Do you watch programmes like the Great British Bake Off and know that you could do it better? Are you famed for your brownies or blondies? If you’ve got a passion for all things sweet and the determination to get a taste of the culinary industry, learning in a live environment is a great place to start.

You must be able to take direction and work as a team, often in heated (literally) environments where you have tight deadlines to work to. You must be a logical thinker, be reactive to situations and have creative flair.

You will have chances to enter national competitions, create your own menus, and gain the relevant skills and experience to help you stand out from the rest. 

Entry Requirements

The Level 3 Diploma in Professional Patisserie and Confectionary is a technical level qualification aimed at 16-18 learners who are in a full-time Level 3 education programme and wish to pursue a career in patisserie and confectionary as a pastry chef or patissier.

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification but in order to optimise their chances of success, a learner will ideally hold a Level 2 qualification or equivalent in professional cookery.

Future Career Opportunities


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