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College tutor wins Exceptional Educator Award

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At the College Group, we go beyond simply delivering the basic skills our learners need for a successful career in their chosen industry. We partner with organisations such as the Lions Barber Collective, who support us with training our Barbering students on having conversations with clients about their mental health and signposting them to additional support if they need it.

On 3rd April, it was the Collective Pride Awards, where our Jack Maude, previously a Barbering tutor and now Personal Development Lead at the College, received the Exceptional Educator Award for “delivering beyond the curriculum, making students feel valued, recognised and supporting them unconditionally throughout their studies”.

Jack said: “Teaching is not just about imparting knowledge, it’s about inspiring change and empowering the next generation to make a difference. Working with the Lions Barber Collective is the way to change the future and to save lives”.

Congratulations to Jack on his very well-deserved award. We’re also very grateful to the Lions Barber Collective for raising awareness of the importance of conversations around mental health and suicide prevention.

Plus, a former student of MK College, James Massa, was recognised as an Ambassador for Lions Barber Collective – our congratulations go to James too.