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  1. South Central Institute of Technology Open Event

    Are you interested in becoming a student at the South Central Institute of Technology? Join us on 10th August for our open event to explore our courses, view the facilities, and meet our coaches. Who is this event for?   This event is for anyone looking to find out more about the South Central IoT, the digital…

  2. Computing

    After trying my hand at the Level 2 Engineering course here at the college, it was pretty clear that it just wasn’t for me. I was more interested in the technical side of engineering, and with my older brother working in the IT field, I decided a Computing course would suit me much better.

  3. South Central Institute of Technology: Hear from one of our first students

    Deborah Mungai joined the South-Central Institute of Technology to study Security and Networking this year after finishing her A levels. She began exploring the options open to her that would cater for her passion for tech, and reviewed universities, apprenticeships and IoT.  Deborah’s Story Deborah’s schoolteacher managed to schedule a meeting with Laura, Head of Curriculum at South Central Institute…