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Qualifications within this level:
UAL Level 1 Performance
UAL Level 2 Diploma in Performing Arts & Production (Acting)

Whether you belong on the screen or getting creative behind the scenes, studying performing arts will prepare you for any audition or curtain call. You’ll have the opportunity to take on a variety of roles, and not just the ones on stage. Try your hand at directing, writing, choreographing, set design and much more. Studying performing arts will prepare you for the reality of working in the industry, including the requirement to be versatile, passionate and determined to grow your talents.

What will I do?

From exploring contemporary theatre performances to performing monologues, you will explore all areas of the performing arts, with a focus on acting. You will discover the different roles available, including directing, producing and acting. Your dedicated and experienced tutors will encourage you to try new things and push the boundaries, enabling you to grow as a performer. You will also learn how to conduct research effectively in order to aid your learning.

If you need to retake your GCSE English and maths or study functional skills, you will be able to do so alongside this course.

What’s next?

Once you have successfully completed Level 1 in Performance you will have the opportunity to progress on a Level 2 course that will help you define your career aspirations further: Level 2 Music / Level 2 Performing Arts / Level 2 Production. A Level 2 course will prepare you for progression to study at Advanced level (level 3), where you will focus on performance technique and much larger projects.

Is it for me?

Do you live and breathe Performing Arts? Is acting all you’ve ever wanted to do? If you’ve got a passion for performance, studying at College will equip you with all the necessary technical skills and knowledge needed to start your career. You must be an enthusiastic and motivated individual, determined to continuously develop your skillset and learn from experienced performers.

Future Career Opportunities

Entry Requirements

Level 1: 4 GCSEs at grade 2/E or above, or an entry Level 3 qualification on ESOL or equivalent.

Level 2: 4 GCSEs, two at grade 2/E or above and a further two at grade 3/D or above including Drama, Dance or Music.


Level 1:

Unit 1. Introduction to music, performing and production arts
Unit 2. Introduction to research for music, performing and production arts
Unit 3. Communicating with an audience for music and performing arts
Unit 4. Production development for music and performing arts
Unit 5. Performance development for music and performing arts Students must achieve either the Level 1 or Level 2 unit
Unit 6. Music, performing and production arts project – Level 1
Unit 7. Music, performing and production arts project – Level 2

Level 2:

Unit 1. Introduction to performance
Unit 2. Introduction to production
Unit 3. Communicating with an audience
Unit 4. Staging a performance
Unit 5. Contextual research for performance and production
Unit 6. Performance skills and practice
Unit 7. Production skills and practice
Unit 8. Personal project and presentation
Unit 9. Producing and performing to an audience – Level 2
Unit 10. Producing and performing to an audience – Level 3


Assessment is ongoing through workshops, skills building and project work tied to assignment briefs with assessments point throughout the year. There is a Final Major Project at the end of the year in which you will achieve your overall grade for the course.


Your progress will be monitored on regular basis through 121s with your course team leader and a Progress Mentor assigned to you. In addition, at the end of every brief you will receive written feedback which outlines what you have done well and areas for you to for you to focus on going forward.


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