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What will I do?

You will be part of the Skills Academy where the focus will be on developing a range of skills including Maths, English and Employability, you will also spend time developing vocational skills through the selection of a industry pathway or options.

  • To further develop your English and Maths skills you will continue to study these subjects if you have not already achieved a Grade 4 equivalent, depending on your starting point you might study for GCSE resits or Functional Skills qualifications. We also know it is important for you to develop an understanding of how numeracy and communication skills are used in the workplace so you will have units based on this as part of the core.
  • Core employability skills will be studied by all Students in the Skills Academy, these will focus on Conduct at Work, Career Planning, Digital Skills and Sustainability. These units are all designed to help you develop the key employability skills Employers tell us are important in the world of work.
  • Personal Development will focus on the knowledge and behaviours that will support you to be an effective Citizen, themes focus on being safe and healthy, being an effective Citizen and next steps.
  • Industry Pathways and Options pathways will allow you to either choose to focus on one Industry Pathway for example Construction or pick an optional pathway that allows you to pick up to 3 options across the year from all the Industry pathway options.

What’s next?

Progression will be to Level 2 courses across the College, Level 2 Apprenticeships or Employment in entry level roles.

To progress at the College you will be expected to have shown commitment to the full Study Programme and have shown progress in all areas including improvement in your grades/levels of English and Maths.

Is it for me?

This course is designed to support all Students to be ready for their next steps whether that be a higher level College course, Apprenticeship or Employment.

There are opportunities to gain key employability skills, additional English and Maths qualifications as well as giving you the opportunity to focus on one industry pathway or the ability to choose options that will allow you to try more than one industry pathway.

Entry Requirements

Level 1 Skills Academy entry requirement is grade 2 in English and Maths or E3 in Functional Skills English and Maths alongside this you should also have other GCSEs or vocational qualifications that demonstrate you are ready to study at Level 1. We also have a Level 1 Progression and Entry 3 option within the Skills Academy to support you to meet the entry requirements and your transition to College.


English and Maths qualifications will be assessed by exams.

Industry units and options will be assessed for coursework portfolios and practical assessments.


We will monitor your attendance, punctuality and engagement with lessons.

We will monitor your completion of units and the level to which you have developed your skills and knowledge.

You will have regular progress reviews and you will be set individual progress targets, these targets will be regularly reviewed and your progress measured.


You will be in College for 3-4 days per week and your timetable will be around 18 hours. You will need to attend all sessions on your timetable to be eligible to be a full time Student and stay on the programme.


As part of this course the key focus will be getting you ready for work experience, this will be supported by the employability units and the personal development sessions. You will also have the opportunity to work on Employer projects and meet Employers during your course. If you demonstrate that you have the skills and behaviours to undertake a work placement you will be referred to the Work Experience Team to support with this.


There are industry pathways in:

  • Construction (brick, carpentry, painting & decorating)
  • Engineering & Electrical
  • Hospitality & Catering
  • Motor Vehicle

Option pathways** are available in:

  • The industry pathways above
  • Active & Service
  • Arts & Design
  • Care Professions
  • Digital & Creative
  • Business

** A single option pathway can be studied all year or up to 3 option pathways can be studied in blocks.

What’s On