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Meet former Music Student Jodie Erica from MKFM

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With the huge range of courses and study options on offer we love to see what careers our students go on to after studying at Milton Keynes College. We caught up with former Music Course student Jodie Erica, now Digital Media Presenter and the Head of Local Music at MKFM, Milton Keynes’ radio station.

Jodie studied Music at the Milton Keynes College Chaffron Way campus after completing a 9-month GCSE crash course to bump up some of her grades. Jodie is now enjoying a successful career with MKFM after studying at the College and says “the music course was the best thing I did for myself, I really started to find myself during that time, especially my confidence. I learned so much that still helps me now, I went on to do loads of open mics and gigs, releasing my own music, and now landing a job I absolutely love!”

Joining a class with like-minded people and learning applicable life skills are massive for anyone looking to start college. But it isn’t always clear which direction you want to choose. Initially Jodie planned to follow psychology as a career, but soon decided to completely change course and follow her passion for music.

“I felt very personally powerful as I was choosing what was best for me, I have MK College to thank for this”

– Jodie Erica, MKFM

“I received the most support from MK College, more than I did in my secondary school. Even when I completely changed course, MK College helped me in doing so and my teachers at the time were true cheerleaders! They positively pushed me and told me to go for it!

“You will always have that support and guidance, you are never alone, and I will always thank MK College for being there for me not only with my education, but also personally. Times were very tough for me, but I knew I had people I could turn to for advice and for support.”

With her ambition to get into the music industry Jodie said her greatest achievement during her studies was the confidence she found through performing on the course.

“What I loved the most was the practical work and performing. I will always remember a performance we did in front of our family and friends and the musical theatre students, I sang a song that was very personal to me and vulnerable, but it was the first time I let it all go and let it all out, it felt amazing.”

Jodie has since landed a job with a local radio station as a digital media presenter and Head of Local Music, she said “MKFM not only helps me with my own music career, but it enables me to help other local artists like myself.”

When asked whether she’d recommend the Music Course at Milton Keynes College to new students, Jodie stated “when I had tours of the College, I felt really comfortable, there were lots of facilities and lots of space, lots of study options, and also lots of support so it ended up being a no-brainer for me. I would recommend this course if you are into music production and the theory of music. This course really boosted my confidence and taught me a lot about the business side of music, not just the fun parts!”

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