Gender guidance consultation - MK College

MK College Group calls for views on government’s gender guidance 

In December 2023, the Department for Education published a consultation paper called ‘Gender Questioning Children – Non-statutory guidance for schools and colleges in England’.  

 Arvind Kaushal, Head of People Development and EDI at Milton Keynes College Group said: “We think it’s vital to contribute our views to this important paper, as it will impact our learners, colleagues and wider communities. We want our response to be as representative as possible of our diverse community, so we would love to hear from a wide range of people who we work with, including learners, colleagues, employer partners and more”. 

The form where the College Group is collating views on the consultation paper can be found at the link below. 

DfE Gender Questioning Children – consultation response form  

Anyone contributing may add their views to all, or any part of the consultation paper. There is a contents page to help identify any specific areas that anyone may wish to respond to as a priority.  

The DfE Gender Questioning Children guidance can be found at the links below:   


DfE Website Version   

 The College Group is asking for all views to be submitted by Monday 4th March 2024. After this deadline, we will collate the feedback and use it to form our final response to the consultation, which we will share with our MK College Group community.  

 Individuals can also respond directly to the DfE about this consultation at the link below:  

  Please note that…  

 No names or contact details will be collected within this form – it is completely anonymous. The responses submitted will contribute to MK College Group’s response through the Association of Colleges and quotes from responses may be used where relevant, anonymously.  
 Arvind added: “We really value the richness of all the views that Milton Keynes College Group represents and we thank you in advance for your time in supporting the response to this consultation”. 

For more information on the College Group’s work in EDI, visit Equality & Diversity – MK College