College Group signs new ED&I Charter - MK College

MK College Group signs new charter on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Milton Keynes College Group is proud to have signed the new charter on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) from the Association of Colleges (AoC). 

As signatories of the Charter, the College Group recognises that: 

  • It is socially, morally and economically right to prepare our learners for life and work in a world that is diverse. 
  • Equity and inclusion are fundamental if we are to make the most of our diversity. 
  • We will be judged by our actions and the impact of those actions. 

And we commit to: 

  • Ensuring equity and inclusion are reflected in our curriculum. 
  • Putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of our employment policies and practices. 
  • Listening to, and reflecting on our obligations to, the communities we serve. 
  • Encouraging those with whom we contract to support our commitments. 

MK College Group is one of the first FE providers to sign up to this new charter, having helped to shape its aims and focus alongside other FE Colleges. 

Arv Kaushal, Head of People Development and EDI at MK College Group, commented: “One of our strategic aims is to promote and live the values of fairness, equality, diversity and inclusion and this is at the heart of everything we do at the College Group. We’re committed to making sure that our learners, colleagues and wider communities feel represented and heard at the College Group – whether it’s through our group of diverse employee networks, our transparency on gender and ethnicity pay gaps or working with our learners on the Student Commissioners for Racial Justice initiative”. 

“We have signed the AoC’s ED&I Charter to demonstrate this commitment and to work with our fellow FE Colleges so that we can share best practice and support each other with the commitments of the charter. We’re grateful to the AoC for recognising the importance of ED&I within Further Education and are looking forward to seeing what we can achieve when we work together on this vital issue.” 

Jeff Greenidge, Director for Diversity and Governance at the Association of Colleges, added: “I am pleased that Milton Keynes College Group, which has been at the forefront of driving equity and inclusion in further education, has signed the charter. This charter signifies a commitment to creating an inclusive environment where all students and staff feel valued and supported. It acknowledges the significance of fostering diversity, promoting equity, and creating an inclusive culture, signalling the college’s dedication to addressing inequality and discrimination and enhancing the learning experience for all”. 

For more information on the College Group’s work on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, visit Equality & Diversity – MK College