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Wellbeing & Mental Health

Wellbeing is a hot topic and one we take very seriously. Mental health is at an all-time low, with young people, males, and the LGBTQ community the hardest hit right now. With 1 in 4 people experiencing mental health difficulties each year, you are definitely not alone.

Our Counselling and Wellbeing Team build relationships that provide opportunities to explore and challenge issues you are facing, or can simply be someone to listen when you need to off-load. We have a wealth of people that can make a difference to you in your life.

And you can be a Difference Maker to someone else’s wellbeing too. Students can get involved in running a variety of activities from mindfulness, connectivity, nutrition, sports, music, dance and much more. Or you can simply participate so you can learn a host of skills that you can use to help others when they need it. Here is what took place during our ‘Feelin Good Week’ recently – ThingLink


We all need to focus on sustainability to ensure the future health of the planet. Sustainable practices can help reduce environmental damage, conserve natural resources, reduce air and water pollution, save energy, and prevent global warming.

The college is reducing our environmental footprint by introducing renewable energy, recycling and responsible waste management policies.

But you can be involved too. Our students get to work on relevant course projects to explore the challenges and possibilities of sustainability relating to their course and career aspirations. Greener engineering? Sustainable Construction? Energy saving innovations? Yep, you’ll learn that here.

The UK has set a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, which will require an 80% cut in UK emissions and we all have a role to play.

You can be a difference maker by contributing to our sustainability pledges and being a sustainability champion in your course area.


We believe in making a positive impact on the wider community. There are always loads of volunteering and charity projects happening around the college. Including the regular support given by our staff and students to St. Mark’s Meals – a local charity delivering meal boxes to ensure no child goes hungry.

February this year saw the first annual College in the Community Day, where over 500 staff and students volunteered their time to support local projects and charities. From improving woodland trails with The Parks Trust, providing free beauty treatments and haircuts, to sorting through donations at MK Food Bank, or writing postcards of kindness for local care home residents. Our students had the opportunity to make a positive change in Milton Keynes and put their skills to good use.

If you have a passion for community, there are many ways to get involved and make a difference.

Diversity & Inclusion

Milton Keynes is a diverse and vibrant community. As one of the largest educational centres in the area, we aim to provide a diverse and inclusive community for all our students. 

We believe that everyone should be treated as an individual at MK college, regardless or background or characteristics. We want to get to know you, so you can receive tailored care and support from our dedicated Student Support Team. We are continually developing an inclusive curriculum to ensure everyone feels they belong.

Your first steps into adulthood start at college, and we provide every opportunity for our student’s voices to be heard. Our Student Council, made up of current students, take any issues, concerns, and suggestions forward to improve your MK College experience. 

To ensure your time at college is not only exceptional in the classroom we have a range of facilities from prayer rooms, social spaces and our canteen cater to all dietary requirements. 

Personal Development

Coming to college is about more than just getting qualifications. It’s about being prepared for life in the real world. We offer students 1-1 Personal Development tutoring as part of all our courses. So, you can leave college as a well-rounded person ready to start your career.

Our dedicated Student Development & Support team actively seek and action student feedback. Helping you study effectively, sort out your CV, apply to jobs correctly, get the right advice, and become aware of real-life issues such as wellbeing or knife crime.

You’ll also work on projects and workshops to enhance your skillset and meet with expert speakers from our community. We’ve worked with Thames Valley Police, DePaul – homelessness charity and MK:ACT, to name a few.

You’ll have the opportunity to make a real impact on your future and to give feedback to influence change while you’re at college, with the support of our Development Mentors.

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