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From searching for cures to diseases to sending people into space, science is an incredibly exciting and far-reaching industry. If you have an inquisitive mind-set, studying an applied science course can lead you to a rewarding and dynamic career. From exploring the cells in a living body to investigating a crime scene, a career in science is open to people with an eye for detail and an analytical mind.

What will I do?

Refine and develop your practical and academic knowledge of the sciences, including biology, physics, chemistry and forensic science. You will take advantage of our fully stocked laboratories, where you will conduct various experiments in teams and independently. You will be supported to further your research and study skills, learning how to craft well-written and thorough reports.

What’s next?

This course will prepare you to progress to study Forensic Science & Criminal Investigations Advanced, where you will further expand your skills and knowledge.

Is it for me?

Are you determined to pursue a career as a forensic scientist or in the science industry, but need to further your knowledge? Throughout our applied science courses, you will be supported by our dedicated tutors to put your passion to the test and develop your study and research skills to help your learning. You must be able to think logically and be determined to succeed.

Future Career Opportunities

Entry Requirements

Level 2: You require 4 GCSEs at grade 3/D or above including English, Maths and Science.


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