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BCS Practitioner Award in Leading with an IT Mindset

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In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, digital transformation has become the cornerstone of organisational strategy. As a result, digital professionals are increasingly stepping into leadership roles.

This practitioner-level award is designed to empower individuals in IT and technical positions to develop a deeper understanding of various leadership styles. Through this course, participants will explore different tools, techniques, and behaviours essential for effective team leadership.

This course is delivered through six online sessions, culminating in a brief in-person exam at the college. It is tailored to develop confidence in managing IT teams and give participants the skills to navigate leading in a digital landscape.

What will I do?

During this course, you will explore the complexities of leadership, learning to identify and assess leadership skills within yourself and others while examining various leadership styles and their impact on team dynamics. You will also develop tools and techniques to effectively coach and lead teams through change, conflict, and digital transformation. This course will also focus on building the skills and behaviours needed for leaders to drive change and improvement, emphasising the importance of resilience, self-awareness, and innovative strategies to support organisational goals.

What’s next?

This Award stands as a standalone qualification. However, it offers the opportunity to integrate with the BCS Award in Collaborating with Business Teams and the BCS Award in Business Skills for the IT Professional. Combining these awards opens the pathway to advancing to the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Being an IT Business Partner.

Is it for me?

This course is ideal for managers aiming to enhance their ability to oversee IT teams within a business setting. It also benefits individuals seeking insight into leading and managing teams as they transition into team leader or managerial positions. Designed as a short yet intensive course, it requires dedicated study outside of online sessions. The final exam, lasting 45 minutes and conducted in a controlled environment, evaluates your understanding of the material, with preparatory assistance provided beforehand.

entry requirements

There are no specific entry requirements. An appreciation of the challenges of working in an IT role will be helpful. 

Course Information

  1. BCS Award in Leading with an IT Mindset



    4 Jun 2024


    16 Jul 2024


    6 Weeks




    17:30 – 20:30


    South Central IoT – Bletchley

    • FEES

    • 19 – 23

      Fully Funded

    • 24+

      Fully Funded

    • Overseas

      Fully Funded

More information is available on Fees & Funding for 19 + here and EEA Nationals here.


Immerse yourself in a collaborative learning environment where you’ll have the opportunity to engage with peers who share your passion and expertise. Together, you’ll follow a valuable qualification that directly aligns with your professional goals.

Benefit from the guidance of knowledgeable facilitators who bring a wealth of wisdom and practical insights. Drawing from their vast experience in the field and successful entrepreneurship ventures, they will provide invaluable mentorship throughout the course.

How will my progress be monitored?

Throughout the course, we will guide you in aligning your learning with the exam criteria. This approach enables you to understand the significance of each topic covered and how to showcase your understanding effectively.

How will I be assessed?

One 45 minute supervised exam at the end of the course.

How much will I have to study each week?

Throughout the course, you’ll participate in six online sessions. Additionally, it’s recommended to allocate approximately 10 hours across the six weeks for your independent research and reading.

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