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The new academic year is well underway, and whether this is your first child starting College or your third, we’re sure that you’ll have a few budding questions.

But there’s no need to stress; we’ve compiled a handful of useful information for you below that should help to clear anything up.

Term dates

With every new year comes new term dates!

Click here to view MK College’s 2021/2022 terms dates, as well as both the Chaffron Way and Bletchley campus opening times.

College facilities

If your child still feels uneasy about their new life at College and aren’t too sure where to go or what amenities are available to them on campus, please make them aware of our College Facilities page.

On here, you and your child will be able to find out about and view virtual tours of the wide range of facilities that are available to them as an MKC student. From our top-quality study centre, The Brasserie Coffee Shop and Graduate Salon, there’s plenty to discover.

Their career

Our aim at Milton Keynes College is to ensure that all our students gain a professional specialism as well as growing personally. We encourage this through employment of our professionally qualified Career Team who offer year-round career support to students.

Find out more about how your child can get career advice or discover more about our careers programme here.

Our next steps page

Now that your child has started their course with us at MK College, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with what they’ll be up to in their first few weeks, alongside other important things like how they can receive support, and some familiar faces that they’ll see around campus.

Click here to find out about all this information and more, including a link to order your child’s kit or uniform should their course require it.

Our parents & carers page

As coming to College is a big step in your child’s journey to independence, this may feel like a challenging time as a parent. At Milton Keynes College, we work with parents and carers to make sure that every young person that comes to study with us has the support that they need.

Get in touch with us, view our helpful video on your child’s options after GCSE’s, or even see for yourself how you could become a student with us by checking out our Adult courses, all by viewing our Parents & Carers page.

If you do have any further questions that you feel haven’t been answered in this blog, the best way to get in contact with us is by visiting our Parents & Carers page and filling out the ‘Get in Touch’ form.