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Should I apply for an Intermediate or Advanced level course?

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Course Levels Explained

You’ll notice that our courses are broken down by being ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Advanced’. These are two different levels of study. You can search for a course and check the available levels using our A-Z or you can download our brand new School Leaver Guide.

What is an Intermediate level course?

Our Intermediate courses include Level 1 & 2 qualifications and are available in the majority of subject areas. You’ll be able to check for certain what levels are included in the blue box on the right-hand side of the page. If you’re unsure, you can always get in touch with our Admissions team.

Intermediate courses are designed for those who have a passion or an interest in a particular area but might need more support when it comes to technical and study skills. You might also need to retake or continue studying English and Maths, which you will be able to do alongside your studies.

You can apply for the Intermediate course if you feel this is right for you, and our dedicated tutors will assign you to a qualification once you’ve shown us your GCSE results.

What is an Advanced level course?

These are all Level 3 courses and are available in the majority of subjects we offer here at MK College. These courses concentrate on preparing you for your career, including various work experience opportunities, working with our employers on live briefs, workshops and much more. Advanced qualifications are perfect for those who are focussed on a particular career or industry, and want to get as much experience on the job. You should have achieved a 4/C in English & Maths to study at Advanced level. You will be expected to remain professional both in College and when you interact with employers. You will also take part in enhanced work experience, meaning you will have ample opportunity to get used to life in the workplace and develop your technical and professional skills.

What does Higher level mean?

Higher level courses are our Higher Education/university-level courses. These are courses you can study once you’ve completed a Level 3 or Access to Higher Education course. We offer these in many different subject areas, find out more here.