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Preparing for your first day of College

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The last day of school feels like it was years ago, you’ve had a long summer full of sunny days, warm evenings, and hopefully a lot of relaxing. Now it’s time to get down to business. But don’t worry, the fun isn’t over yet – as cheesy as it sounds, you’ve got loads more to look forward to.

It’s completely normal to feel a bit nervous in the run-up to your first day. It’s a big step to take, but just remember that everyone else is in exactly the same boat as you. Whether you already know people coming to college or you’re riding solo, be assured that you are going to meet a whole load of new people on your course who have the same interests as you, which is pretty exciting.

Key dates to remember

Here are some key dates that you might want to make a note of:

Advisory Days – We’re sure you have GCSE results day etched on your brain, which is handy as this is when our Advisory Days kick in. On Thursday 24th August, Friday 25th August, Tuesday 29th August, Wednesday 30th August, Thursday 31st August, Friday 1st September, Monday 4th September, Tuesday 5th September, for those who haven’t applied to college yet, we’ll be holding bookable sessions where you’ll be able to get advice on which course to study. We’ll even get you enrolled on the day. If you’ve already applied to college and have your place for September, there’s no need to worry about coming in as your tutor will be in touch once your results are in.

Enrolment –
Once you have your grades on results day, you can enrol with us – this means you’re accepting a place on the course we’ve offered you. Everyone who’s applied and received a course offer will be sent an email with instructions on how to enrol. Please contact us if you need to update your email address, for example if you applied for your course using your school email address and won’t be able to access this in August.

Induction –
During your induction session, on either Wednesday 6th September (Chaffron Way) or Thursday 7th September (Bletchley Campus), you will receive your timetable, be able to apply for bursaries, get help ordering your uniform, collect your ID badge and ask any questions. And afterwards you can join in with the fun at our Freshers Fair!

How do I get there?

Whether you live in Milton Keynes or further afield, there are lots of ways to get to both our Chaffron Way or Bletchley campus. You could travel by public transport, arrive by bike, or come by car where each campus has secure bike racks and car parks. Check out our Travel to College page to find the best route for you. You might even be eligible to apply for a discounted travel card valid on certain public transport routes – just pick up an application form from reception.

Chaffron Way Campus

What am I supposed to bring with me? 

This depends on what course you’re doing and if you’ve been instructed to bring in anything specific by your tutor. Make sure you double check your offer packs and e-mail inboxes for any additional information that you may have been given – but be sure to bring in the usual items like a notepad, some stationery, and a water bottle.

You should also make sure that you’ve got some lunch or some money to buy some. We have ample places onsite where you can purchase food from, the refectory, The Brasserie, or vending machines. Check out our Bursaries page to check if you’re entitled to free meals.

Female engineering students at work

What will I be doing?

Again, this is dependent on your course. However, expect to do things like tour the campus, have an introduction to Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Moodle (the student platform where you can upload your work and assignments), get your timetable, and spend some time getting to know your tutor/s and peers. This is the time to be confident and outgoing, and to make sure that you make a great first impression!

What if there’s a problem?

We really hope you settle in straight away, but if you hit a few speed bumps, there will always be someone to talk to. Whether you are just unsure if College is the right option for you, are having a problem with the work, or maybe even are having problems at home, make a note of the contacts below and you’ll always have someone to turn to. Here at Milton Keynes College, we also work with the Youth Counselling Service and have mental health first aiders and safeguarding officers on site at all time, so you can be assured of your safety whilst at College.

Reception : 01908 684444
Learning Support : 01908 684433
Careers & Course Guidance : 01908 684456
Student Counselling : 01908 684406
Admissions & Enrolments : 01908 684551

The best thing you can do on your first day of College is to be yourself. Ask questions, explore the campus, and get comfortable. After all, you’re going to be here for a good while