Work For Us Day - MK College

MK College Group launches recruitment drive

Milton Keynes College Group is on a recruitment drive, looking for people who could forge careers passing on what they’ve learned from their previous working lives, even if they’ve never taught before. 

The College Group is holding a “Work For Us,” day, next Saturday, 14th October, when they hope to meet people with real world experience who could be helping the next generation get their first foot on the career ladder.  There are opportunities for full or part-time work, and for occasional work taking classes on an ad hoc basis.

Chief People Officer at the Group, Annie Allen, says, “People who’d like to teach often worry about not having any classroom experience, but the big message from this event is that we can help with that.  What really matters is that you’ve got the right experience and a passion to pass on what you know.  Whoever you are, whatever your background, if you have the knowledge and expertise our students need, we want to meet you.”

The College Group is especially keen to hear from potential teachers from minority ethnic backgrounds.

“About 12% of our workforce are from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic backgrounds. Annie says, “but our goal as an organisation is for the teaching staff to reflect the makeup of the city as a whole.  We are accredited Leaders in Diversity and being genuinely representative of Milton Keynes is really important to us.”

The College currently has thirty-five vacancies for a range of roles from teachers and teaching support staff, workplace trainers for our apprentices and about ten more for people to join our prison education staff at HMP Wood Hill, HMP Bullingdon, HMP Aylesbury and HMP Grendon & Springhill.

Specific areas where the College Group is looking for new colleagues include Teaching Support Assistants, English and maths teachers, business and IT Lecturers and Tutors in engineering, electrical, construction, hairdressing and barbering as well as those who’d like to be involved in student support roles.

Annie says, “We often find that when people come to us from industry to become teachers, they take to it really well because they’re talking about something they’re already passionate about.  Many of our staff say there’s no greater buzz than seeing people you’ve passed your knowledge to, becoming successful and professional in the same trade.  It’s not just life-changing for the students.”

Anyone who would like to find out more should go to and come along to our  “Working for Us” event on 14th October between 11.00am and 2pm at our campus in Chaffron Way.