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Milton Keynes College Group joins innovative national campaign for adult education revival 

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Milton Keynes College Group is thrilled to announce its active involvement in a ground-breaking nationwide campaign initiated by the College Marketing Network (CMN). This campaign aims to combat the decline in adult participation in education, specifically focusing on part-time courses. Through a strategic partnership with over 20 esteemed member colleges across the United Kingdom, including Milton Keynes College Group, CMN is leading an unprecedented effort to reignite interest in lifelong learning. 

With the challenge of meeting recruitment targets, Milton Keynes College Group and other college marketing teams have united to maximize the impact of their investments through collaborative innovation. By working together, we emphasise the value of education and the importance of creating a supportive and accessible learning environment for adults from all walks of life. 

Running throughout August and September, this joint campaign represents a dedicated endeavour to reverse the trend of declining adult education participation. Crafted through collaboration, this ambitious initiative combines the creative expertise of media agency Forward and Thinking Limited with the visual storytelling prowess of Media Partnership Ltd. 

Milton Keynes College Group takes pride in contributing to this national campaign, which stands out due to its comprehensive scope and engagement of colleges across various regions of the UK. This partnership signifies a significant milestone, with CMN at the forefront of pioneering a unified approach to promoting adult education on a nationwide scale. By pooling resources, knowledge, and expertise, CMN and its member colleges, including Milton Keynes College Group, aim to foster a culture of continuous learning and professional growth for adults at every stage of their careers. 

As part of this innovative campaign, Milton Keynes College Group is leveraging cutting-edge technology through the “Upskill Reskill” platform. This ground-breaking tool empowers adults to assess their skills, explore potential career paths aligned with their passions, and ambitions. “Upskill Reskill” not only identifies new career opportunities but also provides avenues for refining and expanding existing skill sets, ultimately enhancing prospects in chosen fields. 

“We are proud to lead this ground-breaking national campaign in partnership with Milton Keynes College Group, media agency Forward and Thinking Limited, and Media Partnership Ltd,” commented Emma Wilde, Executive Director at The College Marketing Network. “Our collective efforts are geared not only towards addressing the decline in adult education but also inspiring a renewed enthusiasm for learning among adults across the UK.” 

Milton Keynes College Group’s participation ensures that this campaign will span various communication channels, including television broadcasts, social media engagement, print media, and a comprehensive digital presence. This diverse approach aims to reach a wide audience, highlighting the transformative power of adult education. 

Sally Alexander, CEO and Group Principal of Milton Keynes College Group, commented: “As part of our vision of Building Fairer Futures, we believe that encouraging adults to see the value of and engage in meaningful education is vital. Lifelong learning can not only be enjoyable and improve learners’ employment opportunities, it can help to improve the local economy and bring benefits that can be felt by the whole community. We are hopeful that this campaign will demonstrate these benefits to adults who might not have previously considered going back into education and encourage them to think about how it could help them. And we will be here when they decide to take that very exciting step!” 

As the campaign unfolds, Milton Keynes College Group is confident that this collaborative initiative will spark positive change, motivating individuals throughout the UK to embark on educational journeys that unlock their potential and reshape their futures. 

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