Hackathon at SCIoT - MK College

South Central Institute of Technology to host AI Hackathon

The South Central Institute of Technology (SCIoT) in Bletchley is hosting The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hackathon for the Common Good in collaboration with the British Council on 1st & 2nd December.  

The event is open to anyone aged 18-35 with a cracking idea for how to make our cities greener. The British Council is looking for people who are passionate about sustainability and interested in innovation and creative problem solving.  Participants will work together in interdisciplinary teams to design AI-based solutions to social and environmental challenges. 

Winning teams will win a Study Trip in Bristol where they’ll meet the other winners from across Europe.  Thirty-three people are already signed up, ready to be put into teams made up of local businesses, apprentices from MK College and tech students from the SCIoT. 

Applicants must have a background in one of the following fields: 

  • Environmental or social sciences: People who support social justice and/or are advocates of environmental/human rights. 
  • Design or business/entrepreneurship: People who design products and solutions that aim to improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities.  
  • Computer science or STEM: People who have a background in sciences. This might be basic knowledge of what AI is and how machine learning works. 

People will be put into teams and receive expert training on how they can use AI to design solutions to problems of sustainability, so you don’t need to be an expert on AI or climate change/social justice join in.  The teams will then try to come up with creative ideas and design solutions.    

James Nowell, Head of School at the SCIoT said, “We’re here to bridge the digital skills gap, understand and respond to business needs, and create unrivalled talent in the digital space, so when the British Council asked us to host the Hackathon, we said yes immediately.  

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome the British Council and tech and digital enthusiasts to see and experience our cutting-edge and industry-leading facilities and meet our expert teaching staff, as well as honing their skills and working with others to come up with innovative solutions to the problems we face as a society.” 

Chrysa Vlachopoulou, Project Manager at Stronger Together (a programme from the British Council, the organisers of the Hackathon), commented: “The Artificial Intelligence (AI) hackathons for the Common Good is part of our Stronger Together programme and presents a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn how to design AI-based solutions to address social and climate challenges. 

“During the hackathon, young people will explore how AI can serve as a tool to mitigate climate change and generate creative ideas centred around the theme of Green Cities. Participants can pitch their idea and win a study visit to Bristol, leading sustainable city of the UK, meet with other teams from similar hackathons in Europe, exchange ideas and get inspired!” 

For more information or to apply to take part, please visit https://www.britishcouncil.be/artificial-intelligence-hackathon-milton-keynes-uk