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English for Speakers of Other Languages – Under 19’s

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English for Speakers of Other Languages – Under 19’s

What will I do?

At Milton Keynes College we run a whole range of part-time English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) qualifications from Pre Entry to Level 2 and they all run for 1 year. You will have an assessment to determine which course would best suit you. The courses will help you with speaking, listening, reading and writing English.

Courses include speaking and listening, reading and writing. In addition, you will learn to apply your language skills in different contexts.

  • Business
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Citizenship
  • Everyday life

What’s next?

Improving your language skills by studying ESOL is a great way to prepare for further studies. Your new-found abilities and confidence will help improve future job prospects.

Upon finishing this course, you will gain a NOCN ESOL nationally recognised qualification.


Slywia recently competed her ESOL course at MK College, this is where she is now:

“My ambition was to find a position of employment in the building services industry and become a design engineer….I overcame my shyness about speaking a second language and I became a more confident person. My determination, and the support from my ESOL tutor, lead me on to my path of finding my dream job and starting a HNC in Electrical Engineering.”

Francine was already a qualified nurse, next year she is off to university to top up her qualifications:

“The ESOL department has been helping me gradually improve my English…and I have applied to university to renew my nursing certificates. Thank you ESOL (College) and Bravo to my lovely teacher!”

Is it for me?

Pre-Entry is a basic course, ideal if you are completely new to the language and have a very small amount of knowledge in at least one skill (reading, writing, speaking or listening).

Entry 1 leads to a national qualification in English and would suit you if you have little knowledge of the language. Topics covered include shopping, going to the doctor and everyday life.

Entry 2 leads to a national qualification in English, ideal if you have a basic knowledge of spoken and written English. You will learn how to ask questions, give information and talk about the past and future. You will also learn how to fill in forms and write short letters or stories.

Entry 3 leads to a national qualification in English. If you can already speak and write in a range of everyday situations this course will help you improve your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

For more advanced students we also offer courses at Level 1 and Level 2.

ESOL Level 1 leads to a national qualification in English. Ideal for you if you can speak and write quite fluently in a variety of situations and would like to increase vocabulary and grammar.

ESOL Level 2 leads to a national qualification. This would suit you if you can use complex structures and a variety of vocabulary to describe past, present and future situations, and would like to extend your ability to express more complex ideas.


Marlene started on ESOL Entry 3 before going on to complete Level 1:

“To be honest, I struggled most with the listening skill however with the help of my teacher, I passed my exam. The teachers are the best teachers I have ever had. You must study very hard, do the homework every day so that your teacher gives you the best help with feedback.”


There are no formal qualifications required to start the course but you will have an assessment of your level of English before you start.


You will be continually assessed throughout the course through homework and progress tests. It is a requirement of the ESOL Programme to take ESOL exams.


Your progress is monitored through regular assessments inside and outside of class.

Did you know?

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