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During this Art & Design Intermediate course you will gain and develop key technical skills across a wide range of media, focusing on improving your creative talents to enable you to progress.

Qualifications within this level:

UAL Level 2 Diploma in Art & Design

What will I do

You will be supported to learn new creative skills in such disciplines as painting, drawing, 3D, printmaking and digital photography, covering a range of diverse project themes. You will have exciting projects linked to units to explore your skills, ending with a Final Major Project and End of Year Exhibition to showcase your artistic talents. Growing in confidence, you will explore and experiment with your own abilities, and take on work experience to further your learning and apply your skills and knowledge. Learning in small groups in dedicated art studios, you will have a full range of facilities at your disposal, giving you the opportunity to grow your skillset and learn new techniques.

Level 2 Art and Design:

  • 3D Design & Sculpture
  • Clay & Ceramics
  • Painting & Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Printmaking
  • Digital Photography
  • Artist Research

What’s next?

Within the Level 2 Intermediate course, you will prepare to progress to the next qualification, Advanced/Level 3, within the Arts department, depending on your goals and interests. You could progress to study further art and design, or could use your transferable skills to study graphic design, photography, fashion & textiles, games, animation & VFX, media production, music or performing arts.

Is it for me?

Have you completed GCSE Art or a similar creative subject and want to develop and improve your skills? Are you a budding artist with all the passion and creativity, but maybe need some support to put your creativity into practice? You should be aiming for a career in the arts and be able to dedicate your time and energy into developing your skills and discovering where a career in this sector can take you.

Entry Requirements

L2 Art and Design = 3 GCSEs x 3s (including English and a creative subject).

You must be able to show a passion for Art through your GCSE & own artwork.

Course Information

  1. Art & Design Intermediate



    9 Sep 2024


    Mon to Fri


    Bletchley Campus

    • FEES

    • 16 – 18

      Fully Funded

    • 19 – 23


    • 24+


    • Overseas


More information is available on Fees & Funding for 19 + here and EEA Nationals here.

course highlights

  • Gain & Improve skills with a range of techniques in Art & Design
  • Learn how to progress an art project from research to final outcome
  • Work Experience opportunities to encourage teamwork & communication skills
  • Tailored projects to enable progression to higher level creative courses
  • Have the opportunity to show case their work at the End of Year Exhibition
  • Trips to London art galleries and museums
  • Opportunity to retake/study GCSE English & maths if required


From every project you will be given written and verbal feedback linked to the criteria to help you understand and improve your work so that you can be working at either a Pass, Merit or Disinction.


Your project work including written evaluations will be submitted in a sketchbook and this along with your final outcome will be assessed using the UAL grade matrix.

How much will I have to study each week?

In addition to your hours spent in college attending your art lessons you will also be expected to work independently on finishing work, homework tasks and extending your own artwork so that you are developing and improving after each project/unit.

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