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Maddie Weatherill

After deciding to make regular exercise and a nutritious diet a priority in her life, Maddie wanted to learn more about the basics of health and fitness and improve her future career prospects in this growing industry, alongside her full-time Marketing job. Find out more about Maddie’s experience of studying a distance learning course in Improving Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition.  

Why did you want to study this course?   

Finding love for health and fitness honestly changed my life. Almost 5 years ago now, I made the decision to start making going to the gym a habit and nourishing my body with nutritious foods – I was working a full-time office job over the summer whilst I was at university, and I knew that I would be sat down all day. It was a slow start, and it took a little while to gain my confidence, but it was the best lifestyle decision I have ever made. 

Fuelling my body with good meals and pushing myself with different workouts at the gym makes me feel happier. It’s a full-on lifestyle for me now and I would love to bring my marketing skills over to the health and fitness industry in the future. I decided to study this course because I wanted to learn more about the basics of health and fitness and gain a qualification in this area, proving to future employers that this really is an industry I’m passionate about. 

Why did you choose to study at MK College? 

I studied at MK College after my GCSEs and had a fantastic experience. I knew that the support I would receive on the course would be second to none, so it seemed like the right place for me. 

What did you take from the course? 

I learned a lot of new things about the body’s anatomy, as well as more complex things like different bodily diseases and how internal systems work. I also learned how to devise a food and exercise plan which has come in handy for my everyday life. 

I also built a strong overall foundation of knowledge within health and fitness, which I hope will help me to work in this industry in the future. 

Do you have any advice for students who are thinking of applying to a distance learning course at MK College?   

If there’s a course that you’re interested in or if you want to begin a pathway to a new career, you have absolutely nothing to lose! The distance learning courses are perfect because you can fit them in and around your lifestyle. You will have multiple units that you need to complete by a certain date, but you can decide when and where to complete those units in your own time.   

You will also gain a recognised qualification after you have completed the course which will look great on your CV, especially if you are looking to break into that industry.