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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)


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Marlene details her experience at MK College, studying ESOL.

I was studying at College for two years and just a few months ago, I finished my ESOL Level 1 course and I feel very glad to have passed all the exams but I really miss not being at college every day.

I started ESOL at Entry 3 in the speaking and listening class, then I did reading and writing. To be honest, I struggled most with the listening skill however with the help of my teacher, I passed my exam. The teachers are the best teachers I have ever had. You must study very hard, do the homework every day so that your teacher gives you the best help with feedback. If you can do all these tasks, you will not have any problems.

When I finished ESOL at Entry Level 3, I started the ESOL Level 1 class which was harder than Entry Level 3 but it was more enjoyable. In the speaking and listening class, you have to prepare a PowerPoint presentation every week and discuss it in front of your class. I was nervous during the first presentation but if you are well prepared for it, you will be fine.

I was a Student Representative which means you should attend a meeting to say what you think the college should do to be better or to discuss the good things that the college does for the students. It is a good way to practise your speaking and to improve your confidence.

Also, in the college you have a lot of activities such as Zumba classes which I enjoyed twice and other sport activities for men as well. The college arranges some trips every year and some cultural parties where you can meet different students from other levels and taste different dishes and cultures from different countries. For example, we have been to Woburn Safari park, Cineworld MK and we have had lunch in some restaurants in MK which have been a lovely experience. I have made good friends who I still keep in touch with.

To summarise, my time at college has enriched my life in many ways. Studying at the college has been the best experience I have ever had. Now I feel more confident and I am very glad that I have finally found a job as an administrator! I wish I could have more time to continue studying at the college and working at the same time.