CIPD - MK College

Paul Fairclough

i’m always on the lookout for opportunities to learn new things and continue with my CPD, so, as I recently approached my 50th birthday, I was looking to put myself in the best position I could for a promotion or career development, so I wanted to upskill with an industry recognised qualification. 

I first looked at the MK College online prospectus, and I spent a week or so going back and forth deciding which course was best suited to my needs and my time. Many moons ago I left school without any formal qualifications and later in life realised that if I wanted to improve my prospects, I should look at getting back into education. So, I soon enrolled at MK College as a part time adult learner and over the years I have completed a number of courses and have had many fantastic opportunities in many sectors. 

I really enjoy that on the course there is a broad range of age and experience amongst the students in my group, and everyone is very supportive of each other. The tutors are industry experts, they’re so down to earth, go at a pace that is easy for everyone to follow, and make themselves available to contact if you ever have any queries or need any support outside of the class. 

When looking for a course to study, I had to make sure that it would fit in with my family, work, and personal schedule, and considering that it’s an intensive course, it actually works out great. I am learning information and techniques that are relevant to my sector and that can be implemented immediately to the job, and I am gaining a sought-after qualification at the same time. To anyone thinking about applying and getting back into education, you’re never too old and it’s never too late!