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‘You’re never too old to learn!’

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Being unable to work because of Covid-19, Emma decided that it was time to change up her career path. From working as a beauty and aesthetics practitioner to now training to become a nurse on our Access to Healthcare course, read on to find out about Emma’s journey and why retraining at the age of 43 is the best thing she ever did.

What made you want to study the Access to Healthcare Professional Diploma course?

I currently work as a beauty and aesthetics practitioner, but was unfortunately unable to work because of the pandemic, which is what pushed me to change my career path.

I then started looking at the options available to me. Since I was small, I have always wanted to be a nurse, but I left school with no GCSEs, and I had children from a young age so always thought that studying to become a nurse was far too complicated and out of my reach. However, I called MK College and a lovely lady gave me some advice, leading me to apply for this course. So, I did, and here I am currently studying the course with the hopes to go to university in 2022!

What do you enjoy the most about your course?

My tutor, Tina! She is so incredibly helpful. She guides me and gives me the confidence boost that I sometimes need. The structure of teaching in general is also great, and I have really liked all the teachers that have taught my class so far.

I’m also really enjoying the different subjects that I am studying within the Access to Healthcare course, it’s all so interesting. I don’t even mind the maths section – and that was the one subject I was dreading!

Why did you decide to undertake your studies at MK College?

I chose to study at MK College because not only is it close by to me, but I have studied at the college before, and it has all the qualities that you would want from a college. Also, the lady that gave me advice in the first place advised that it was a great course.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of studying an adult or professional course at MK College?

Go for it! You’re never too old to learn! And don’t let the grades you received at school when you were younger stop you.

You may even surprise yourself – I have learnt that if you push yourself, you can achieve so much more than you had ever thought possible.

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