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Working together to help students develop skills for their future

Employability skills play a vital role in shaping the future success of our students. In this Q&A, Joanna Brown, Head of Careers at MK College, shares her expertise on how the college and parents can collaborate to empower students to develop these skills and achieve success in the workforce.

Q: What does the College do to help students develop skills for getting a job?

A: At MK College we go beyond just delivering qualifications and help students develop essential employability skills. While qualifications can open doors and help you get through interviews, it’s skills such as teamwork, reliability, and communication that really make a difference. We believe that having the right attitude is key.

Q: How does the College help students recognise their existing skills?

A: Right from the start, we help students identify the skills they already have. We’ve never met a student who doesn’t have something they can build on. For example, helping to look after a younger relative or older neighbour shows trustworthiness and reliability, both valuable skills in the workplace.

Q: How can parents support their children in developing these skills?

A: Parents can play a big role by encouraging their teenagers to take responsibility for their actions and learn from their mistakes. They can also encourage part-time jobs, volunteering, or involvement in activities such as Scouts or sports, which help build important transferable skills. Finding ways to help them learn to manage their own time and take responsibility is crucial.

Q: How can parents support the College in this effort?

A: Parents can get involved by volunteering at our career events, offering to talk about their careers, conducting mock interviews, or providing work experience opportunities. If interested, they can contact our careers team at or follow MK College on LinkedIn for updates on events and opportunities.