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What’s it like to be a female engineering apprentice at Carlsberg?

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Kiana Kamalian is only part way through her engineering apprenticeship at Carlsberg, but is already learning the ropes and is hoping to inspire more young girls to join the engineering industry.

She currently spends 2-3 days a week learning at College, and the rest on the job at Carlsberg, learning as she goes and shadowing other engineers to learn about their roles and responsibilities.

Kiana’s Story

“I find it so interesting and inspiring to be around all the experienced engineers and learn technical skills from them. Recently I was paired with Mick, an engineer I hadn’t yet met at work. He showed me around the area he was responsible for and explained his tasks for the day, and how he prioritises what needs to be done first.”

Kiana expected to shadow Mick and learn through watching what he was doing, however, she was soon handed the tools and supported to try tasks out for herself. “He was with me every step of the way, asking me questions, making sure I knew why I was doing things and making sure I was safe”,

“It was a great experience to be able to use the engineering tools and learn at the same time as get some practice in. Mick made sure I was safe and I felt supported every step of the way”.

Kiana was also introduced to an inspector as It was inspection day for some of the equipment and facilities. “We walked around the site and found the specific pipes and gages that needed inspecting. I learnt about the high standards the equipment is required to be in, and how the company tests to make sure everything is running smoothly”.

Engineering is still a very male dominant industry, and Kiana is hoping more young girls will take the step into joining the industry. “Before I started my apprenticeship I was expected to be treated differently, however, I’m so glad to say that I’ve been proved wrong. I’ve been treated exactly the same as everyone else, and everyone I’ve interacted with has been very respectful and thoughtful. I’m very grateful to my colleagues for sharing their experiences and knowledge with me”.

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