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What’s it like to be a Digital Marketing Apprentice?

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Ronni Murray, 20, has recently completed a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing with MK College and is now looking forward to developing her career in marketing. Here she explains her apprenticeship journey.

Ronni’s Story

“I was doing A levels at sixth form and most of my friends were applying for university, but I wasn’t sure if that pathway was for me. I didn’t think that university was the most beneficial route for the career I wanted to go into. I knew that I wanted to do something hands-on, and not just theory-based, so I spoke with my media teacher and they advised me to look at apprenticeships, even though not many others in my school were considering that route.

“As part of my Media A Level, I did video production and some graphic design, which I really enjoyed. From this, I knew I wanted to explore a career in marketing, so I decided on a Digital Marketing apprenticeship. It took quite a few months to find an apprenticeship but the work experiences I’d done during my time at school helped me during the interview process for the job at Mirus IT.

“Doing an apprenticeship is quite different to being at school. You have to learn a lot of new skills, but the apprenticeship is designed to provide you with the training you need to do a particular job. What’s more, when it came to learning new things, I really enjoyed it as it’s something that I’m genuinely enthusiastic about and interested in. I was really proud to get high marks in both my Coding and Marketing exam early on in the apprenticeship. Although exams aren’t my favourite, I did put a lot of effort in because it’s something I want to do in my career.

How have you found College?

“I didn’t know what to expect from attending college, but it was great in the social aspect to meet other people with similar interests to me. The tutors have been good and as they’ve got background experience in their subjects, they can relate to issues or questions you might be having.

“I’d say to other young people that if you want to go into an industry where you can learn on the job, definitely consider an apprenticeship route. It’s a good way to ease into full-time work after leaving school and it can really help you to get ahead in your career.

“My other top tip would be don’t be put off by reading a job description and feeling like you don’t have the previous experience to do the job, because you will learn. Adapt the skills you do have and apply them to the job.”

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