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Finance Apprentice

If I learn something new on Thursday, I can put it into practice straight away.”

During his first year studying Civil Engineering at university, Victor realised it wasn’t for him. After a year out he decided to explore a career in numbers, which was something he quite liked. Now Victor is a Business Support and FPA Analyst (Financial Planning & Analysis) at Papa John’s, enjoying learning lots of theory at college and then being able to apply it straight away at work.

Victor’s Story  

“At sixth form I chose A-Level subjects that would help me to get into engineering. I went to university to study Civil Engineering, but really didn’t enjoy it.

At the start of first lockdown, I decided to drop out of university and started looking for jobs.

I had a few friends who were apprentices and I thought I’d give it a go. I knew I was good at numbers, and it might be something I quite like.

Finding an apprenticeship within the field was quite a straight forward process. I went on to the MK College website and browsed all of the vacancies they had. I spoke to Sonia from the College’s apprenticeships team; although I was nervous, she put me at ease and kept me updated throughout the process.  

After interviews at Papa John’s for a Finance apprentice role they thought I might be better suited to do Data Analysis.

I really enjoy the teaching style at MK College. There is lots of practical teaching – doing things and putting the theory into practice. If I learn something new on Thursday, I can apply that learning at work straight away.

Since joining Papa John’s my confidence has grown. They’ve pushed me to do stuff outside of my comfort zone.

There are just over 20 people in the Finance team, so there are lots of more experienced staff to learn from. I’m always asking people what they’ve done and how they got where they are today – including the International Finance Director! 

After I finish my Level 4 Data Analysis, I will start my AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) Level 2 and work through that. After that not I’m not 100% sure, as I’m currently doing two different roles, so I will have to see which direction I want to go in.”

Victor’s advice for anyone unsure which direction to take would be:

“Consider being an apprentice. I personally didn’t like university.

Being an apprentice, you need to find something you enjoy. Be yourself, ask loads of questions – and do something you enjoy!”