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Top 5 things to know before starting College

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Before taught lessons begin on Monday 13th September, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re completely prepared to help alleviate any worries that you may have, and to make everything run as smoothly as it can. Below, we answer some common questions that you may have before starting with us at MK College.

How do I enrol if I haven’t done so already?

Enrolments will usually take place over the summer and is a compulsory step to becoming an MK College student. Hopefully you will have completed your online enrolment already, but if not, this is your reminder to do it!

Watch our step-by-step video on how to enrol with us here.

Do I need to bring a laptop?

Where we do recommend bringing a notepad and pen to write anything important down in your lessons, we would also advise that you bring in your own laptop if your course requires lots of writing or research. Where we have recently upgraded our Wi-Fi, it’s now easier than ever to use your own device at College.

If you don’t own a laptop, don’t panic! We have plenty of self-issue laptop cabinets that you can use whilst on campus. Find out more about digital learning at MK College here.

Am I able to buy food onsite?

Across both campuses, we have plenty of places that you can go for food if you haven’t brought anything from home. You can purchase food from The Brasserie Coffee Shops or from our vending machines. You’ll never go hungry!

Check out our Funding & Bursaries page to see if you are entitled to free meals.

Where should I go if I need help?

If you have any general questions about College, have lost your lanyard or a personal belonging, or even just want to find out about your travel options, our friendly reception team will be able to help you. Meet our Chaffron Way reception team and find out more about how they can assist you here, or contact them on 01908 684444.

For more personal queries, we have lots of other useful contacts, so you can be assured of your safety whilst at College:

Learning support – 01908 684155

Careers & course guidance – 01908 684456

Student counselling – 01908 684406

Admissions & enrolments – 01908 684551

How will I know where to go at College?

You will receive your timetable before your first day at College in Welcome Week. When you get here, the classroom that you need to be in will be named by either a letter and a number if you’re based at Chaffron Way, or just a number if you’re based at Bletchley.

At Chaffron Way campus, classrooms or study rooms are named with a ‘G’, ‘F’ or ‘S’ before their room number – this is just short for what floor you can find the room on. ‘G’ means that you will find this room on the ground floor, ‘F’ on the first floor, and ‘S’ on the second floor. For all rooms in the ITC, ‘CB’ is for all ground floor rooms, and ‘CBF’ is for first floor rooms.

At Bletchley campus, any room with a number under 100 will be on the ground floor, rooms starting with a ‘1’ will be on the first floor, and rooms starting with a ‘2’ will be on the second floor.

We hope that this helps and answers some of your top questions about College. If you do need any more information however, get in contact with us by filling out the form on our Contact Us page, or phone 01908 684444.