Team Spotlight – Behaviour Team - MK College

Behaviour Team Spotlight

Meet Charlie and Bella, our Positive Behaviour Lead and Positive Behaviour Mentor. Charlie and Bella’s roles focus on the crucial aspects of wellbeing, safeguarding, and behaviour. Charlie joined the team in September for the new academic year, while Bella has worked at MK College for the past 8 years in a different role. Both bring a wealth of experience to their roles. Here, Bella outlines more about what they do and the different ways they support students. We are also busy recruiting more Mentors and so the team will be growing over the coming weeks and months.

Q: What is your role at MK College?

A: My role at MK College focuses on observing and managing student behaviour and working with curriculum teams to facilitate engagement. This includes monitoring how students act and interact in and outside of classes and developing positive relationships. We also keep a close eye on attendance and absences as these things can become barriers to learning. Dealing with any incidents that may arise is a big part of my job, involving meetings and creating contracts with students to make sure everyone is treated fairly and respectfully. My role is all about advocating for and helping students at MK College, making sure they meet the expected standards and feel supported in their education.

Q: How do you maintain a safe environment at the college?

A: Charlie and I move around the College, ensuring that students treat each other respectfully. Encouraging students to follow the rules is part of this, which means ensuring students wear ID badges, dress appropriately and demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning and each other. This helps keep the college running calmly and smoothly. Our main goal is to encourage a positive approach to learning, fostering an environment where students can thrive.

Q: Can you elaborate on the behaviour strategies you use?

A: Absolutely. We use different methods like creating Behaviour Contracts that break down the College’s expectations and enable students to understand how this applies to them. We follow a structured disciplinary process and intervene promptly and consistently as and when appropriate. Mediation is crucial for resolving conflicts, setting boundaries, and promoting positive interactions among students. These efforts offer valuable chances for students to understand and show respect, aligning with the College’s core values. Outside organisations are also really important to what we do. They give talks and hold workshops about behaviour, offering insights on how attitudes can change for the better. Working together like this helps us make a real difference in students’ behaviour and increases self-esteem and a sense of belonging.

Q: How do you contribute to student well-being?

A: Being mindful of the challenges students face is at the heart of what we do. Besides managing behaviour, we concentrate on looking after students’ well-being, both mentally and physically. Our aim is to understand their learning and social needs, so they feel supported and motivated. It’s not just about enforcing rules; it’s about creating an environment where students can flourish and develop as individuals and as an active part of wider society.

Q: How do you communicate with parents and carers?

A: Staying connected with parents and carers is important and we regularly update them on their young person’s progress. We carefully record all incidents and share this information as appropriate with the intent of supporting and encouraging positive communication. This helps the college and parents/carers to work together to support the student’s development.

Q: What’s the best part about your role?

A: Without a doubt the most enjoyable aspect of my work at MK College is the students and the amazing people I get to work with. In our department, the Student Support and Development team, we manage areas like Safeguarding, Wellbeing, Behaviour, Student Support, and Personal Development. Each team member plays a crucial role, and we work together to make sure that every student receives the support they need. The camaraderie and our shared dedication to our mission keeps us going, especially during our busiest times.