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”It was finally the time to take the plunge.”

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With the goal to retrain to become an adult nurse, Annabel decided that it was now or never.

Why did you decide to study this particular course?

‘’I had some time off work raising my two small children who are now aged 5 and 7. I worked for several years prior to this as a Senior PA and Team Manager at an International Economics Consultancy based in Oxford. I’ve wanted to retrain to become an adult nurse for years now – so I decided that it was finally the time to take the plunge. As it has been so long since my A Levels and degree, the universities require that I prove I can write and study to level 3 within the last five years, hence why I am doing the Access course.’’

What have you enjoyed the most about the course so far?

‘’I’ve really enjoyed the variety of subjects and learning them to a level that I have never reached before. I have also really enjoyed the passionate teaching staff and their ability to run lessons so effectively – even remotely. I love getting to know the diverse people on the course – even with remote learning I have managed to strike up some great friendships with people.’’

How have your tutors supported you in your studies?

‘’The tutors have been fantastic in supporting us this year. It has been difficult with remote learning to get the experience that students would have had in a normal year, but they have gone the extra mile with handouts, assignment help sheets, taking teams messages, and phone calls to give us extra help. It has been really reassuring.’’

How does your course fit in with your family life?

‘’I chose the days that I wanted to come in and attend the course so that it gave me a clear window in the latter half of the week (so no lessons on Thursday and Friday). This worked well for me and meant that I had time to get on with other things like running the house and looking after my elderly father.’’

How do you think the course will benefit you once you have finished studying?

‘’The course has reminded me how important it is to be able to write a good essay and how to reference properly. It has put me in a great position for starting my degree.’’

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about applying to MK College?

‘’MK College is a fantastic place to learn with teachers who are passionate, highly qualified, and well-informed on their subject area. The learning environment is great, and the breadth and depth of subject area is so well taught and interesting.  

It is a great place to return to education with a huge variety of people choosing to do the same thing. You will meet lots of like-minded people and will be well supported along the way. Be prepared to work hard and commit to the course, but equally, enjoy the learning journey and make the most of the knowledge that the fantastic tutors impart to you.’’

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