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Hybrid learning: what is it and what are the benefits?

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The pandemic has seen many people finding themselves facing the possibility of re-training for a new career. However, living in a digital society means that as a college, we are well-equipped to pivot around this.

Milton Keynes College is proud to provide some great options for adult learners who are looking to start a new career, with numerous hybrid learning courses that will help to build up adult skill sets, in areas such as accounting and management. Read on to discover more about hybrid learning and how it could benefit you.

What is hybrid learning?

Hybrid learning is a mixture of learning methods, comprising of online and traditional face-to-face learning.

What are the benefits of hybrid learning?

1. Flexibility

Hybrid learning means that your course can be accessed anywhere, and on any device, meaning that you can choose how and where you want to study. Hybrid learning classes also allow students to work around their current employment, developing valuable skills whilst continuing to work a job, therefore seamlessly fitting into any lifestyle.

2. Better work life balance

The split of homeworking and college-based learning enables students to have a healthy balance between their working life and their personal life. Hybrid learning therefore allows learners to have more time with friends and family, and work around a routine that suits them.

3. Cost effective

The ability to learn from home more frequently ultimately allows learners to save money because they will be travelling less. Hybrid learning is also cost effective for those who have children, as less money will be spent on childcare compared to other learning formats.

4. Support

Students can* attend College on a regular basis, where their learning is supported through group exercises and classroom-based learning. The sessions in college enable learners to have discussions with an experienced tutor, where they’ll have the freedom to ask any questions that they may have.

*Please note that on some courses, it is a mandatory requirement to attend College regularly.

5. Preparation for the future

Hybrid learning offers a multitude of tangible skills that can also easily translate into life skills. These skills are inclusive of research skills, self-learning, self-engagement where students become more self-driven and responsible, decision making, and technology literacy where the use of eLearning materials increases the learner’s ability to use a computer.

Find out more about the hybrid courses that we offer at MK College, as well as how you can fund your course, by visiting our Hybrid Learning hub page found here.