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Concerned About Missing Your Friends?

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When you first leave school you may be somewhat concerned about leaving your friends behind. Making the move to College may mean that you’re leaving friends and taking this next step on your own. We understand that making new friends may seem a little daunting but we promise, that feeling won’t stick around for long.

You’re braver than you know

It’s easy for us to say, but we’ve seen it first-hand year after year. It won’t take long before you meet new friends. Studying at a college means that you’ll get a load more independence, which in turn means you’ll meet loads of new people really quickly. Once students leave us at the end of their studies, they leave with great memories and friends that they regularly keep in touch with after college.

Making friends isn’t the easiest thing to do, we get it – especially if you are a bit shy and in totally new surroundings. Take a look at some tips below from current students:

  • I found that the best way to make new friends was to find people that shared common interests and spend some time getting to know them. If you’re on a focused course like a BTEC, you’ll know for definite that you will share a few interests with your fellow course mates.
  • It’s important to keep an open mind, after all, you will go through life meeting all sorts of people and you never know who you will connect with.
  • Keep in mind that during your time at College you still get weekends as well as two days off during the week to meet up with your old school friends. Just because you go to different colleges or schools, it doesn’t mean your previous friendships are over.

If you feel like the thought of making new friends is holding you back from pursuing what you really want to do then remember, good friends you will keep and you’ll make even more once you start at MK College – is there such a thing as too many friends? We don’t think so!