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Whether it’s through teamwork, working with your hands, visual learning, or you own unique method, you won’t spend hours sat in a classroom when you’re an MK College student. Instead, expect to be preparing for your career in the relevant environment with a range of industry-standard equipment. You’ll be raring to go when it comes to securing your dream job!

So, what are the main differences between school and college anyway?

College and school offer two very different experiences. As a student at Milton Keynes College, you can expect to be treated like the young adult you are. You will learn in live environments, taking on briefs from different companies within your chosen industry. You will also set yourself up for the future through work experience opportunities, creating contacts and links within the industry, and studying modules and topics that are relevant to the industry today.

What are the facilities and the teaching like?

No matter what course you study, you will be working in a fantastic environment with great tutors at Milton Keynes College.

From an on-site salon and restaurant to a personal training studio and photography studio, we have a vast number of industry-standard facilities across our campuses so that you can learn in the best way possible. Find out more about our College facilities here.

All our tutors have vast industry experience and insider knowledge, having already worked in their industry, so you’ll be able to learn from the best.

Are there any opportunities to work amongst my industry?

Milton Keynes College is proud to work in partnership with a wide range of businesses both on a national and local scale to offer you the best education experience possible. From Red Bull Racing, to Grant Thornton, to Champneys, there is a lot we can offer you.

You will be able to work within your industry through either work experience or through an industry placement. Work experience is a mandatory part of a student’s study programme, where we work with employers to provide relevant and meaningful work experience opportunities. Industry placements will become an essential part of the College’s qualifications when Technical Level (T Level) qualifications replace the current study programmes. On a T Level, you will undertake a 50-day placement in a real working environment.

What about my social life?

Being an MK College student is about much more than just your education! Of course, a good education is extremely important, but so is ensuring that you have a fantastic experience.

MK College wants to encourage you to do new things and help you to step out of your comfort zone. To inspire this, we’ve got lots of activities, social spaces and events planned throughout the year which gives you the opportunity to meet lots of different people across both our campuses. Click here to find out more about life as a student at MK College.

I’m worried about making the move from school to College

We understand that moving from school to College is a big step to take, and the transition is not always easy. We are passionate about providing our students the best learning in an encouraging environment, where we have a dedicated student support team that are here to help you all year round, right from your very first day.

The team helps students with emotional and wellbeing matters, as well as help with careers and finance. Everything you say is confidential, and you will never be judged or made to feel uncomfortable when coming to the student support team with any issues.

Want to find out more about coming to MK College? Then why don’t you attend our next open event, happening virtually on October 19th from 5:00pm – 7:30pm, where you can ask all your outstanding questions. Click here to register now.