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Joanne – Business Administration Apprentice

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Joanne was working in a school kitchen for 10 years to fit around family and childcare commitments. She had always wanted to work in medical records.
Discover how her Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship has allowed her to learn and train at the same time, as well as improving her confidence and self-belief.

“Now my children are older, I have more freedom to focus on what I wanted to do.”

Joanne’s Story  

“I was looking for jobs in medical records, so I was searching on the NHS jobs site to see what opportunities were out there. That’s when I found the apprenticeship advertised.

I had done my Level 2 in Business Administration at home and was planning on applying for a full-time position. But, after seeing the benefits of doing the Level 3 apprenticeship, I considered it a great option with all the training alongside.

School wasn’t my best friend; and the apprenticeship gave me the chance to redo my maths and English.

I’m now working at the hospital as a Clinical Documentation Administrator and my confidence and self-belief have improved so much.

In the school kitchen I was working with only one other person – so it was quite isolating. Working in the hospital is a big change of environment – there are always lots of people around, which I love. 

I would really recommend an apprenticeship. The main benefit has been getting a better understanding of the overall business environment. I know what I’m talking about now, which gives me confidence. I’ve also had a promotion – which has made it worth making the financial sacrifice in the short term.

The main challenge for me along the way has been being Mum while working in a full-time position and studying. I have two kids, so at times it’s tough to juggle everything. But my Fiancé has been so supportive. My son now gets the bus home from school because I’m not there to pick him up.

I was also nervous about being one of the oldest when I started the apprenticeship – but it wasn’t as traumatic as I expected!

Nikki, my tutor at MK College, has been amazing. Sometimes you naturally doubt yourself, and she gives you the boost you need. She’s always available at the drop of a hat. My employer support mentor within the department has also been amazing.”

Joanne’s advice and tips to anyone starting an apprenticeship:

“My tips would be don’t put too much pressure on yourself, they don’t expect you to know it all. You’re there to learn.

Make sure you can put in the hours needed before you commit. It’s tricky getting the work life balance right. But worth doing.”

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