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Picture this, you want to change career or get promoted but nope, you need to have a degree. And you can’t get a degree because you didn’t get the grades in school (…all those years ago). Now picture this, you take a different route and now you can get into university and move up in your career, because you studied an Access to Higher Education course with MK College.

Access to Higher Education Courses
It’s not too late to get onto the career path you’re dreaming of. Access to Higher Education courses give people who left school with too few qualifications the option to go straight to university. Plus, eligible people can even get their studies funded by the Government through an Advanced Learner Loan. Access Courses are a great opportunity to increase your earning potential across your lifetime by gaining a higher qualification and the first steps could cost you nothing.

Get your studies funded for free*
Getting your studies funded shouldn’t have to be a reason why your job ladder has reached a dead-end. If you want to take an Access Course and you are over the age of 19, you may be eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan to pay for the course fee.
The best part is, if you complete this and then go on to complete a course in Higher Education, the remaining balance of your Advanced Learner Loan, including any interest on it, will be written off.

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Eligible students can also receive Bursaries to help fund their studies and these may not need to be repaid, making it even easier. Find out more about Student Bursaries.

*Eligibility criteria applies. Find out more.

Flexible study options to fit your lifestyle
Life is busy and it can be difficult to prioritise your education. That’s why we have different study options across the different courses, so you can fit your studies around everything else.
• Hybrid courses – which take place online and on campus.
• Daytime courses – 09:30 – 15:00 for those who need to work around the school run.
• Evening courses – 17:00 – 21:30 for people working full time.
• And online classes for extra convenience.

A refreshing way back into education
There are loads of reasons people didn’t get formal qualifications when they were 16, but that shouldn’t hinder all your future career prospects. It takes huge courage for adults to return to college and make a change for the future and we are here to help.
Another thing to remember is that coming to college as an adult is not the same as going back to school. Our team are experts in teaching adults and giving you the support you need to be successful and develop skills to prepare for university.

You could be at university next year
After about 10 months studying on your Access Course, you’ll be confident and prepared with the skills required for studying at university level. 82% of our 2021 students went onto universities across the country this year, which is a fantastic outcome for people who left school without formal qualifications. MK College Access Courses are nationally-recognised Level 3 qualifications so you can go straight into uni as soon as next year.

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