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How To Learn & Work Remotely

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There are a number of College systems and resources available to allow you to continue with your learning at this time. An interactive course and signposting to further support for remote learning can be found by clicking here.

Here’s a list of what resources are available, and how you can access them.


Moodle is a system which allows you to access e-learning materials and lesson resources. You can access it via the link above.

Teachers will add resources for you to work independently through, may ask you to upload assignments and other work here, and add collaborative activities such as forums and wikis.

How to access Moodle on your phone

You can download the app to your phone and switch on alerts for assignments etc.

  1. Go to your app store
  2. Look for and download the Moodle app
  3. When asked to enter the “Site URL” enter:
  4. Log in with your college username (idnumber – not your email address) and your usual college password.

Microsoft Teams

Some courses are using Microsoft Teams to be able to check in live to student groups via a video conference type call. This will enable students to keep to their timetabled routine and allow staff to support students to identify what work they need to do in the timetables slots.

> Information for parents and carers about Microsoft Teams

> Information for students about Microsoft Teams

> Student quick guide

> Uploading an assignment in Teams

(Please note if you can’t access Teams from your start menu, go to and log into your account using your college email address – and usual password. Select the 9 squares menu on the top left of the screen and search for the Teams app.)

Connecting Moodle with Microsoft Teams

You can connect your Microsoft Team to Moodle so that you can access it from there in the following way:

  1. Log into Moodle
  2. Go to My courses ( usually accessed as you log in.)
  3. Go to Dashboard along the top navigation on your My Courses page
  4. Scroll down the dashboard page until you see “Connect to Office 365”
  5. Choose “Office 365 connection settings”
  6. Select the second option that you see and choose “Link your Moodle and Office 365 accounts”
  7. This should link your office 365 log in and allow you to click into your team from the dashboard page. You should also still be able to use the Moodle app. ( If you select the first option, you can’t use the app.)

Accessing an online library for e-books, articles and tv or radio shows

The college has invested in many online resources to help you to study and complete assignments. We have e-textbooks and resources which you can access from home as well as Box of Broadcasts, which is a free Netflix-style service which allows you to access all freeview programmes broadcast on the last 8 years.

You need to access these using your College email address which is  and your normal college password

> How to access e-books and resources (Log in to Moodle to access this link)

How to access Box of Broadcasts:

To get access to Bob: Click on:

Choose the sign in button, then type in Milton Keynes College, followed by your Office 365 login.

Need IT help? Contact your teacher in the first instance who will then pass your query to IT Services.

For full details of our support for students, systems used, assessment & feedback methods and learner expectations, view our Remote Delivery Statement.

View our Digital Learning Policy and Online Lesson Protocol documents.