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Young Creatives find their beat with Positive Mindful Drumming

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Our latest cohort of Young Creatives have been exploring how mindful drumming can become a powerful tool for developing positive wellbeing and mental health as well as improving co-ordination and concentration.

The group took part in an exciting workshop delivered by Drum United; in the session the group were taught about the history of drumming, different techniques and timing basics – they also explored the creativity and freedom of drumming on a variety of surfaces.

As part of the Young Creatives project each person is encouraged to build their resilience and confidence by stepping out of their comfort zone by taking part in, and organising, activities that they would not normally be exposed to.

Michelle Lockwood, project lead for the Young Creatives, said:

“The workshop was a fantastic opportunity for our Young Creatives, who come from a wide range of backgrounds, to come together to connect, learn and grow. The feedback from the group was really uplifting and they found the experience very rewarding.”

Mindful Drumming is an example of how encouraging and supporting Young Creatives can have a positive impact on their skills development and personal growth.

Mindful drumming can:

  • Bring people together
  • Improve wellbeing and mental health
  • Reduce tension, anxiety and stress
  • Release endorphins and calms the mind
  • Improve co-ordination and concentration
  • Is suitable for all ages and all abilities

About Drum United

Drum United are a Social Enterprise based in Milton Keynes and Brighton, established in 2012. Drum United facilitate creative, fun drumming and percussion events, which are uplifting and unifying. Drum United’s purpose is to improve people’s wellbeing and strengthen communities.

About Young Creatives

The Young Creatives Project is an exciting initiative to build creative skills, wellbeing and resilience in young people. The project aims to create a vibrant and engaged youth arts culture in Milton Keynes, supported by partners including, Artswork, Arts & Heritage Alliance, MK Council and MAKE, MK’s Cultural Education Partnership.

The young creatives participating in the project, build their employability skills such as critical thinking and communications, as well as develop their project management experience. The project introduces the young creatives to local professionals from the MK arts community; and provides access to a range of workshops designed to empower creative decisions. As part of the project the creative cohort organise an event designed to engage youth in the arts.

Project Overview

MK Council and MAKE, MK’s Cultural Education Partnership (led by Arts & Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes) are working in partnership with MK College to deliver a new youth-led, creative and cultural initiative called ‘Young Creatives’.

The ambitions of the MK Cultural and Education Partnerships is for the Young Creatives Project to empower young people to develop essential skills for further education, higher education and employment. The initiative will cultivate transferable skills, gained through creative and cultural activity, enabling participants to be better prepared for work through the development of skills and behaviours that are relevant across all careers. Essentially, Young Creatives is a youth-led project which operates within a supportive framework, giving individuals an opportunity to deliver a rich variety of projects. The project aims to introduce young people to a diverse art scene as well as provide opportunities for the young creatives to connect with artists and creative organisations that inspire and nurture individual and collective creativity.

A core cohort of 50 young people aged 16-18 will be supported to gain a better understanding of the cultural landscape in MK and beyond, where they undertake training to develop their own activities that other young people can take part in.

Young people from across the MK can get involved in the next phase of Young Creatives from Easter 2020. To find out more contact: