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Why choose professional pathways?

The purpose of Professional Pathways is to make a difference to local businesses and help them to successfully achieve their goals and objectives.

Our experienced team of expert consultants aim to deliver thought provoking and practical cost-effective professional training sessions for leaders and managers of local businesses.

Upcoming Masterclasses

Understanding OthersMonday 24th AprilClosed
Game Changing Business CommunicationMonday 22nd MayClosed
Increase your profits with Sales & Marketing techniquesMonday 10th JulyCheckout Coming Soon

Masterclass Details

Understanding Others

10am – 12pm : Empathy and the power of listening (Hosted by Cecile Ay)

  • This interactive, focused, and powerful session will help you discover how using empathy in the workplace can be the key to great communication.
  • You will also get to identify the current barriers to clear communication and how the power of listening can help us all overcome some of our day-to-day challenges.

12pm – 13pm

Networking lunch

13pm – 3pm : Mental health insights (Hosted by Jonathan Pittam)

  • After this session you will be able to spot the signs of struggle both in person and virtually
  • Access a range of signposting services available for struggling colleagues

Game Changing Business Communication

Game Changing Business Communication

An opportunity to experience a taster workshop from a few of our expert facilitators, network with likeminded peers, review the portfolio of interventions to help your business leaders to achieve their goals and objectives.

You will get the opportunity to attend three 30-minute sessions from the following:

Communicate effectively with empathy (Hosted by Cecile Ay)

Step into the other person’s shoes to really tune into how they are feeling to understand how to effectively communicate with them

Marketing must-haves to outperform your competitors (Hosted by Chris Billington Hughes)

Discussing two business critical actions, missed often in business, to ensure your chosen target markets understand and appreciate exactly why they should buy from you -rather than buy from your competitors.

The power of sales questions (Hosted by Simon White)

Develop your salesperson’s superpower by asking great questions

Strengthening Your Resilience Muscle (Hosted by Karen Chamberlain)

Pinpoint a range of Resilience Strategies to ‘fuel your tank’ that are within your control

Connect and communicate with anyone (Hosted by Jon Britain)

Increase morale and productivity through better conversation and better relationships

How to spot when something’s not right (Hosted by Jonathan Pittam)

This session promises to get your mind fired up and for you to return to the workplace with a renewed optimism for observing your team’s wellbeing

Solving problems through the art of coaching (Hosted by Martin Lay)

This session shares a model and technique to use coaching to enable others to solve problems, either individually or as a group

Dealing with Difficult Conversations (Hosted by Paul Dougal)

This session will help you change your mindset. By adopting a positive outlook and by using the ideas and techniques that we’ll share, you’ll have the courage to have those conversations and deliver great outcomes.

Increase your profits with Sales & Marketing techniques

10am – 12 pm: Attract more paying customers with effective marketing strategies (Hosted by Chris Billington Hughes)

12pm – 1pm

Networking lunch

1pm – 3pm : Mastering the Art of Selling: Key Elements of the Sales Process (Hosted by Simon White)

  • By the end of this session you should feel more confident and competent in your ability to sell effectively.
  • You will have a deeper understanding of the sales
  • process, effective communication techniques, and how to overcome objections and close the sale.
  • Ultimately, this will lead to increased sales performance and success. 

What else can we offer?

Speak to one of the team to see how else we may be able to support your managers and leaders to achieve their objectives.

We are a team of specialists and have a solution to suit any of your needs.

Problems we can help to guide and solve

• Don’t know how to engage and motivate your team.
• Not confident at speaking in public or delivering presentations.
• Can’t seem to attract more paying customers.
• New Managers don’t know how manage their team effectively.
• Empathy is missing from the business.
• Communication needs to be improved.
• Don’t know how to use LinkedIn effectively.
• Don’t know what the latest trends are in social media marketing.
• My team are not performing together.
• We don’t have a coaching or mentoring culture.
• We need to be more creative.
• We need to update our sales training.
• We need to educate our team with effective wellbeing practices.

Example sessions available

• How to engage and get the best out of my Millennial team members
• Confidently speak in public
• Communicate with confidence.
• How to support colleagues with mental health challenges
• How to build resilience
• How to give empathy
• Solve problems quickly and confidently.
• Increase your creatively.
• Coach on the go with confidence